February 6, 2004, Extra Credit
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February 6, 2004
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FY 2005 Budget Facts: Supporting Teachers

President Bush's proposed budget for FY 2005 includes more than $5.1 billion to support teachers through training, recruitment, incentives, loan forgiveness, and tax relief. Highlights include:

  • $2.9 BILLION FOR IMPROVING TEACHER QUALITY STATE GRANTS giving states and school districts flexibility to select the research-based strategies that best meet their needs for improved teaching that will raise student achievement in core academic subjects.

  • $269.1 MILLION FOR MATHEMATICS AND SCIENCE PARTNERSHIPS to improve academic achievement in mathematics and science by promoting strong teaching skills for elementary and secondary school teachers. Grants support activities to develop rigorous mathematics and science curricula, distance learning programs, and incentives to recruit college graduates with degrees in math and science into the teaching profession.

  • $14.8 MILLION FOR EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATOR PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT focusing on professional development, especially in teaching pre-reading skills to young children, for early childhood educators and caregivers working in high-poverty communities.

  • $91.4 MILLION FOR SPECIAL EDUCATION PERSONNEL PREPARATION to ensure that there are adequate numbers of personnel with the skills and knowledge necessary to help children with disabilities succeed educationally. Program activities focus on both meeting the demand for personnel to serve children with disabilities and improving the qualifications of these personnel, with particular emphasis on incorporating knowledge gained from research and practice into training programs.

  • $88.9 MILLION FOR TEACHER QUALITY ENHANCEMENT GRANTS to improve the recruitment, preparation, licensing, and support of new teachers. Partnership Grants support a wide range of reforms and improvements in teacher preparation programs. Recruitment Grants help reduce shortages of qualified teachers in high-need school districts through scholarships, support services, and recruitment efforts.

  • LOAN FORGIVENESS for highly qualified math, science, and special education teachers serving low-income communities would be expanded from $5,000 to a maximum of $17,500. Schools in these communities often are forced to hire uncertified teachers or assign teachers who are teaching "out-of-field."

  • EXPANDING THE ABOVE-THE-LINE TAX DEDUCTION for qualified out-of-pocket classroom expenses incurred by teachers from $250 to $400.


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Last Modified: 02/06/2004