October 21, 2003, Extra Credit
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October 21, 2003
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Institution Of Higher Learning Makes Reforms To Help Strengthen Nation's Teachers Corps

Research has confirmed a basic truth parents have always known—the quality of a teacher is one of the most important components of how well students learn. Based on a belief that every child in America deserves a quality teacher, the bipartisan No Child Left Behind law requires that there be a "highly qualified" teacher in every public school classroom by the end of the 2005-2006 school year.

As they train the next generation of teachers and help current teachers improve their skills, institutions of higher learning are stepping up to the plate with aggressive efforts to help strengthen the nation's teacher corps. As an example, here's a quick look at just some of the reforms and initiatives Jacksonville State University in Alabama undertook in response to No Child Left Behind and Alabama's highly qualified teacher standards:

  • After reviewing each degree offered by the University, senior administration, department heads, and faculty from the College of Education and Professional Studies and the College of Arts and Sciences worked to develop degree program modifications and curriculum revisions based on No Child Left Behind. The changes were reflected in the 2003-2004 University Catalogue.

  • To ensure that Jacksonville State University's Spring 2003 graduates met the highly qualified teacher standard the University created a new mathematics course to fill a gap in credentialing and waived tuition for the course.

  • The College of Education and Professional Studies has consulted with local school systems to help evaluate the status of current teachers.

  • New courses have been added at the 100-300 level and are tailored to the needs of future elementary and secondary teachers.

  • Courses are being held after 4:00 pm in both the fall and spring to assist current teachers who need additional course work.

  • Working with area school systems, the University is offering on-site classes for teachers who need additional hours in various content areas.


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