September 3, 2003, Extra Credit
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September 3, 2003
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Las Vegas Review-Journal: Nevada education officials "must emphasize clear knowledge of a teacher's area of expertise"
Following are excerpts from Tuesday's Las Vegas Review-Journal editorial on the No Child Left Behind highly qualified teacher provision:

"Within the next three school years, teachers who specialize in core subjects must prove they meet the standards—and that has several educators up in arms.

"The key here, of course—and the factor most likely to ensure students are instructed by teachers who know what they're doing—is the Bush administration's emphasis on knowledge of the subject matter rather than college pedagogy credits.

"Under the new law, The AP reports, 'new middle or high school teachers must pass a rigorous test in all academic subjects they teach—or they must hold an academic major, the coursework equivalent of a major, a graduate degree or advanced certification or credentials in all subjects they teach.'

In addition, 'new elementary school teachers must pass a rigorous state test to show teaching skills and knowledge in reading, writing, math and other areas of basic elementary level curriculum.'

"Experienced teachers can meet a standard set by their state, which might include a test in their subject matter.

"Nevada education officials who set the standards for how teachers may demonstrate mastery of their subjects must emphasize clear knowledge of a teacher's area of expertise. If they don't, Nevada students will be the ones who ultimately pay the price."

The complete text of the Las Vegas Review-Journal editorial can be found at:


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