July 31, 2003, Extra Credit
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July 31, 2003
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Troops To Teachers Recruit Arrives Early, Stays Late, Sets High Standards, And Makes A Difference
In a recent article about No Child Left Behind's Troops to Teachers program, which provides funds to recruit, prepare, and support former members of the military services as teachers in high-poverty schools, The Associated Press examines the experience of Serena Rowan.

Ms. Rowan "has been an Army drill sergeant, recruiter, sergeant major, and director of personnel, on top of civilian jobs she's held with a phone company and a boys home." She currently teaches "special-education youngsters in a suburban St. Louis school where 93 percent of the children qualify for free or reduced lunches, one measure of poverty."

As for how she's doing, The Associated Press poses the question to "Luther Ginger, assistant principal of Johnson Wabash Elementary School, where Rowan teaches. Rowan, Ginger said, arrives early, stays late, sets high standards for her charges and has made a difference in their lives. 'We have not been disappointed,' he said. 'She's here for the kids.'"

The Associated Press also reports that Missouri Troops to Teachers program director "[Chad Schatz] said districts tell him all the time that his teachers are confident, organized, high performers and good role models. Before they can teach, they must have an appropriate degree or vocational trade and earn an alternative teachers certification."

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