July 17, 2003, Extra Credit
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July 17, 2003
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Sen. Mike Enzi Sets the Record Straight on
No Child Left Behind

Writing in the Casper Star-Tribune, U.S. Sen. Mike Enzi of Wyoming recently addressed several of the common misperceptions about the landmark No Child Left Behind law:

On Unfunded Mandates: "The No Child Left Behind Act does not require school districts and states to dig between the couch cushions to find extra cash to pay for requirements under the law. Since 1995, Congress has been prohibited from passing any legislation that contains unfunded mandates. Accordingly, the Wyoming Department of Education should not expect to need significant budget increases from the Legislature due to the act."

On Funding: "The education reforms contained in No Child Left Behind were coupled with an historic increase in K-12 funding for Wyoming. Compared to last year, Wyoming received an increase of about 21 percent in overall K-12 federal funding this year with schools that have higher populations of disadvantaged students receiving 30 to 40 percent increases. Wyoming will receive more than $70 million for implementation of the act this year."

On Local Control: "The No Child Left Behind Act does not do away with local control. It maintains educational flexibility for the states and local school boards. Under the act every school district in Wyoming will now have greater flexibility to spend federal funds on local priorities and initiatives than ever before. Local school administrators are the ones who will make important spending decisions that previously would have been made by the U.S. Department of Education. School districts also remain solely responsible for curriculum decisions and the content areas stressed by parents and teachers."

On Highly Qualified Teachers: "Wyoming teachers are not required to have a degree in every subject they teach under the new law. A teacher responsible for multiple subjects will have to demonstrate a mastery of these subjects, but a college degree is just one option prescribed in the law. Other options can be determined by the state, in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Education. Unlike many states, Wyoming already has strong teacher certification requirements."


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