July 14, 2003, Extra Credit
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July 14, 2003
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Teachers Use Summer to Expand Their Own Knowledge and Find New Classroom Activities
Following are excerpts from "Teachers Seize Chances To Be Students Again," a recent article in Education Week:

"This summer, more than ever, teachers are expected to take part in professional development that expands their own knowledge and gives them new classroom activities. Such adventures go beyond the workshops available during the school year and offer a chance at in-depth learning--often while having fun."

"Summer learning experiences are on the rise, experts on the topic say, because policymakers have been pushing to improve the academic-content knowledge of teachers, particularly those of science and mathematics, and teachers are feeling pressure to see that their students meet the learning goals set in state standards. And those demands will only rise as states start implementing the 'No Child Left Behind' Act of 2001, which requires all students to make annual progress toward reaching proficiency in reading and math."

"Grants -- frequently from federal sources -- are often available to pay for many of the summer learning opportunities. The stipends usually cover the costs of travel and room and board, which might otherwise be financially prohibitive. Funders sometimes also provide classroom materials for teachers to take back to school."

The complete text of the Education Week article can be found at:


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