June 25, 2003, Extra Credit
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June 25, 2003
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Schools "In Need of Improvement" Get Help To Get Back on Track
As part of the accountability provisions of the bipartisan No Child Left Behind Act, every state is identifying schools and districts "in need of improvement." Through regular testing, schools identify subject areas and teaching methods that need to be improved. For example, if reading scores do not reach the state???s benchmark, the school knows it needs to improve its reading program.

When a school is found to be in need of improvement, school officials are required to work with parents, school staff, the local education agency, and outside experts to develop a plan to turn around the school. The local education agency must ensure that the school receives needed technical assistance as it develops and implements its improvement plan. Some examples of technical assistance include:

  • Help identifying problems in instruction or curriculum; and
  • Help analyzing and revising the school???s budget so that resources are more effectively targeted to activities most likely to help students learn.
In the past, these schools might not have received the attention and help they need to improve. Through No Child Left Behind, every state has made a commitment that it will no longer turn a blind eye when schools aren???t meeting the needs of every student in their care.


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