April 18, 2003, Extra Credit
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April 18, 2003
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Louisiana Aligns Existing State Standards with No Child Left Behind
On Thursday, Louisiana became the 11th state to have its No Child Left Behind accountability plan approved by the U.S. Department of Education. The state was able to modify its existing accountability system to align it with the requirements of the No Child Left Behind law. Following are excerpts from coverage of the announcement:

"For the first time, Louisiana schools next year will be held responsible for the achievement of minority and impoverished students under a plan announced Thursday by state and federal officials. The measure, which aligns the state's accountability program with a new nationwide law, requires schools to boost the achievement of students who often are the hardest to teach and the easiest to overlook because they sometimes make up a small part of a school's population."—The Times-Picayune, "Feds tighten accountability in La. schools," April 18, 2003

"Because Louisiana already tests students in third through eighth grades and has a 'valid and reliable' system of collecting statistics, it didn't have to start from scratch to meet federal guidelines, state Superintendent Cecil Picard said."—The Times-Picayune, "Feds tighten accountability in La. schools," April 18, 2003

"State educators had to make some changes in the way they measure student and school improvements to comply with a new federal education bill called No Child Left Behind. However, they avoided the wholesale alterations that some feared earlier."—The Advocate, "Paige: La. on right course," April 18, 2003

"Louisiana had to agree to make what state officials said would be minor changes to its existing accountability policy, which grades and ranks schools and school districts based on factors including student achievement on standardized tests, attendance and dropout rates."—Associated Press, "Feds approve Louisiana's school accountability plan," April 17, 2003

These articles are no longer available online.


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