April 15, 2003, Extra Credit
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April 15, 2003
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President Bush's Budget Will Make Tax Day Less Taxing for America's Teachers
President Bush's FY 2004 budget proposes expanding the deduction for teachers that reimburses them for out-of-pocket expenses for classroom supplies.

The President's plan provides a total of $302 million in tax relief for America's teachers. It expands the above-the-line deduction for qualified out-of-pocket classroom expenses incurred by teachers from $250 to $400, makes the deduction available after 2003 (when the current deduction expires), and expands the deduction to apply to un-reimbursed expenditures for certain teacher training programs.

President Bush's total combined FY 2004 budget request for programs dedicated to teacher quality and improvement is more than $3.2 billion—which does not include the $500 million in support from changes in loan and tax-credit policy.


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