College Access Affinity Group

The College/Career Affinity Group presents promising practices and research in college access, persistency, completion and career preparation.

Calls are on a monthly basis and are about one hour long. Presentations, transcripts and audio from each call are below, in addition to:

College Access Affinity Group Calls and Resources

Feb 25, 2015—DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals)

Presentations: An overview of DACA and an update on financial resources to support postsecondary education
PowerPoint: MS PowerPoint
Presenters: Adam Essex and Rene Tiongquico, US Department of Education, Student Financial Aid

Feb 18, 2015—Strengthening College and Career Knowledge

Presentations: Universities, state officials and school districts are responding to the challenge put forth by the First Lady to deepen and formalize college and career knowledge. Hear from leaders — Carolyn Stone (Florida); Pamela Paisley (Georgia); Bob Bardwell (Massachusetts); and Gene Eakin (Oregon) — on what they are doing to address this call to action.
Speakers: Carolyn Stone, Professor and Counselor Educator, University of North Florida — Pamela Paisley, Counseling & Human Development Services, University of Georgia — Bob Bardwell, School Counselor & Director of School Counseling, Monson Innovation High School — Gene Eakin, School Counseling Program Lead, Oregon State University

Feb 11, 2015—Competency-Based Education

Presentation: What is it & will it promote or prohibit college & career readiness?
Speakers: Alison Hramiec, Boston Day and evening Academy — Kim Carter, QED Foundation & Mc2 — Paul Leather, New Hampshire Department of Education — Stephanie Krauss, The Forum for Youth Investment
Call: Audio | Transcript

Feb 5, 2015—Professional School Counselors

Presentation: National Trends in School Counseling State Policy
Speakers: Dr. Julie Hartline, Cobb County School District School Counseling Consultant — Alice Anne Bailey, Ph.D., Director, Go Alliance, Southern Regional Education Board
Call: Audio | Transcript

Jan 21, 2015—Reach Higher

Presentation: Reach Higher—Recap of the First Year and Plans for 2015
Speakers: Eric Waldo, Executive Director of the First Lady's Reach Higher Initiative
Call: Audio | Transcript

Jun 25, 2014—Non-cognitive Factors and Young Adult Success

Presentation: Non-cognitive Factors and Young Adult Success
Speakers: Jenny Nagaoka, Deputy Director, University of Chicago Consortium on Chicago School Research
Call: Audio | Transcript

Jun 17, 2014—Repurposing the Work of School Counselors

Presentation: Repurposing the Work of School Counselors: Galvanizing and Delivering Systemic College and Career Readiness Counseling
Speakers: Judy Petersen, District Director; Director, College and Career Readiness Granite Schools, Granite, Utah — Takesha Briggins, Practicing School Counselor; Graham High School, Newlin Elementary School Alamance-Burlington School System, Burlington, NC — Dr. Venisa Beasley-Green, Practicing School Counselor; Director of Counseling, Freshman Transformation Coordinator Percy L. Julian High School, Chicago Public Schools
Call: Audio | Transcript

Jun 10, 2014—Building College Knowledge

Presentation: Building College Knowledge: How Graduate Programs in School Counseling are Preparing Graduates to Support College and Career Readiness Counseling
Speakers: Trish Hatch PhD, San Diego State University — Anita Young PhD, Johns Hopkins University — Mandy Savitz-Romer, PhD, Harvard University
Call: Audio | Transcript

Jun 4, 2014—Presentation by the White House Initiative for Excellence in Education for Hispanics

Presentation: The Graduate Guide
Speakers: Alejandra Ceja, Executive Director of WHIEEH
Call: Audio | Transcript

Jun 3, 2014—Presentation by the Office of Civil Rights—US Department of Education

Presentation: The Equity Health of Our Nation’s Schools: College and Career Readiness
Speakers: Helen Boyer, Office of Civil Rights, US Department of Education
Call: Audio | Transcript

May 22, 2014—The Still Forgotten Middle

Presentation: The Still Forgotten Middle
Speakers: Steve Kappler, ACT, Inc. Assistant Vice President and Head of Postsecondary Strategy — Randy Watson, Ed.D, McPherson USD Superintendent — Quentin Wilson, ALL Management Corporation President & CEO

May 14, 2014—Higher Education Access for Homeless Students

Presentation: Higher Education Access for Homeless Youth
Speakers: Barbara Duffield, Policy Director, National Association for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth (NAEHCY) — Cyekeia Lee, Higher Education Director, NAEHCY — Marcy Stidum, LCSW, MPA, Assistant Director, Case Management & Prevention Services, Coordinator of CARE Center Counseling & Psychological Services, Kennesaw State University
Call: Audio | Transcript

May 8, 2014—From Foster Care to College

Presentation: From Foster Care to College
Speakers: Kathleen McNaught, Assistant Staff Director of Child Welfare, American Bar Association's Center on Children and the Law — John Emerson, Postsecondary Education Advisor, Casey Family Programs — Corinne Nilsen, Executive Director, Kansas Kids @ GEAR UP Wichita State University
Call: Audio | Transcript

May 1, 2014—Disconnected Youth

Presentation: Improving Outcome for Disconnected Youth
Speakers: Annie Blackledge, Casey Family Programs Senior Fellow — Ginny Donahue, President, On Point for College
Call: Audio | Transcript

Apr 24, 2014—Students' Developmental Readiness for College

Presentation: Applying a Developmental Approach to College and Career Readiness
Speakers: Mandy Savitz-Romer, Harvard Graduate School of Education — Suzanne Bouffard, Harvard Graduate School of Education — Rhiannon Killian, Harvard Graduate School of Education
Call: Audio | Transcript

Apr 17, 2014—Middle Grades Now

Presentation: Graduation Tomorrow Middle Grades Now!
Speakers: Deborah Kasak, Executive Director, National Forum to Accelerate Middle-Grades Reform — Lynn Butler, Principal, Alondra Middle School — Melvin Ingram, Principal Ellerbe Middle School
Call: Transcript

Apr 9, 2014—American College Application Campaign

Presentation: ACAC PowerPoint
Speakers: Melissa Caperton, Senior Associate, American Council on Education — Lisa King, Consultant, Michigan College Access Network
Call: Audio | Transcript

Apr 2, 2014—Federal Student Aid

Presentation: Engaging with and Learning From Customers via Social Media
Speaker: Susan Thares, New Media Advisor at U.S. Dept. of Education Office of Federal Student Aid
Call: Transcript

Mar 27, 2014—Long Beach Promise

Presentation: Long Beach Promise Presentation
Speakers: Superintendent of Schools, Chris Steinhauser — Superintendent-President, Eloy Ortiz Oakley — Interim President, Donald J. Para — Director of College Advancement, Public Affairs & Governmental Relations, Mark Taylor
Call: Transcript

Mar 20, 2014—College and Career Readiness Evaluation Consortium

Presentation: CCREC PowerPoint
Speakers: Chrissy Tillery, National Council for Community and Education Partnerships — Weiya Liang, Washington Student Achievement Council — Teena Olszewski, Northern Arizona University
Call: Audio | Transcript

Mar 12, 2014—College Knowledge Challenge

Presentations: Next Generation Solution to Overcoming the 3 Roadblocks to Getting to and through CollegeWOOP To and Through College
Speakers: Keith W. Frome, Ed.D., Co-Founder, College Summit and Executive Director — Gabriele Oettingen, Professor of Psychology at New York University
Call: Audio | Transcript

Mar 5, 2014—Preparing All Students for College Before College

Presentations: Rethinking 12th Grade, Part 1Rethinking 12th Grade, Part 2
Speakers: Joel Vargas, Jobs for the Future — Robert M. Denn, SAILS — Elizabeth Barnett, Community College Research Center
Call: Audio | Transcript

Feb 26, 2014—Expanded Success Initiative

Presentation: ESI Model Update
Speakers: Vanda Belusic-Vollor, Executive Director, OPSR, NYC DOE — Harvey Chism, ESI Fellow — Natalie Ferrell, ESI Fellow — Paul Perry, ESI Fellow
Call: Audio | Transcript

Feb 19, 2014—NYC's Minority Male Achievement Study

Presentation: Succeeding in the City
Speaker: Shaun R. Harper, Ph.D., Executive Director, Center for the Study of Race and Equity in Education, University of Pennsylvania
Call: Audio | Transcript

Feb 5, 2014—Opportunities for College—Intending Students at Risk for "Summer Melt"

Presentation: College Melt/Summer Nudging
Speakers: Ben Castleman, the University of Virginia — Erin Cox, uAspire — Laura Owen, John Hopkins University — Lindsay Page, University of Pittsburgh
Call: Audio | Transcript

Jan 30, 2014—Building College Going Cultures in Large School Districts

Presentations: SFUSD College & Career ReadinessHigh School Outcomes
Speakers: Bill Sanderson, Executive Director of Curriculum & Instruction, SFUSD — Karen Fraleigh Norman, Supervisor of Counseling and Post-Secondary Success, SFUSD — Bernard McCune, Executive Director, Office of College and Career Readiness, Denver Public Schools
Call: Audio | Transcript

Jan 22, 2014—Developments on the Front Line

Presentations: Brandy JohnsonLakecia WhimperAndrea SoonachanMatt Niksch
Speakers: Brandy Johnson, Michigan College Access Network — Lakecia Whimper, Chicago Public Schools — Andrea Soonachan, NYC Schools — Matt Niksch, Noble Street Charter Organization
Call: Audio | Transcript

Jan 15, 2014—The Yes We Must Coalition

Presentation: Presentation
Speakers: Gloria Nemerowicz, former President of Pine Manor College (MA) — Gary Bonvillian, President of Thomas University, (GA) — and Nancy Moody, President of Tusculum College (TN)
Call: Audio | Transcript

Jan 9, 2014—FAFSA Financial Aid Toolkit

Presentation: Presentation
Speaker: Cindy Forbes Cameron, Customer Experience, Federal Student Aid, US Department of Education
Call: Audio | Transcript

Dec 10, 2013—Counseling training and professional development programs that help strengthen college-going cultures

Presentations: College Counseling Training Initiative Across Multiple StatesThe Collaborative Counselor Training in UtahThe Options Institute in NYC
Speakers: Alice Anne Bailey, Go Alliance Director for the Southern Regional Education Board — Melissa Kincart, Assistant Commissioner for the Utah System of Higher Education — Lily Owen, Director, and Judy Lorimer, Deputy Director of the Goddard Riverside Community Center
Call: Audio | Transcript

Dec 4, 2013—Using Blended Learning in Rural Areas to Deliver Rigorous Coursework

Presentation: Innovative College Preparation Practices and Supports in Rural Tennessee
Speaker: Vivian Franklin and Nancy Dishner, The Niswonger Foundation
Call: Audio | Transcript

Nov 12, 2013—Building a College Career-going Culture in High Schools

Presentation: Increasing Awareness, Access and Success for College Readiness and Retention
Speaker: Beth A. Arey, College & Career Coordinator, Evanston Township High School, Evanston, IL
Call: Audio | Transcript

Sep 26, 2013—College Access & Selection Tools

Presentation: College Choice Tools: How the Department of Education Is Helping Students Make Informed Decisions About Higher Education
Speaker: Michael Itzkowitz, US Department of Education
Call: Audio | Transcript

Sep 10, 2013—Colorado's Integration of Higher Education and PreK-12

Presentation: Promising Practices in Colorado Bold Moves in a Local Control State
Speakers: Dr. Beth Bean, Director of Research and Information, Colorado Department of Higher Education — Emmy Glancy, Academic Policy Officer, Colorado Department of Higher Education — Misti Ruthven, Director of Secondary Initiatives, Colorado Department of Education — Dan Domagala, Chief Information Officer, Colorado Department of Education — Larry Lemmons, Systems Manager, Colorado Department of Labor and Employment — Gully Stanford, Director of Partnerships, College In Colorado
Call: Audio | Transcript

Jul 31, 2013—FAFSA Completion Project Overview

Presentation: Overview of the FAFSA Completion Project
Speaker: Dena Bates, Federal Student Aid
Call: Audio | Transcript

Jun 18, 2013—Pell Grants

Presentation: Discussion of Pell Grant
Speaker: Kim Cook, National College Access Network
Call: Audio | Transcript

May 22, 2013—Summer Enrichment Programs

Presentations: DC OSSE Scholars Summer Enrichment ProgramSummer Quest, a Chicago Public Schools Success Story
Speakers: Rhonda Bell, Summer Quest, Chicago Public Schools — Jill Wohrle and Erin Bibo, Office of the State Superintendent of Education, DC
Call: Audio | Transcript

May 16, 2013—Michigan College Access Network

Presentation: Michigan's College Access Strategy
Speaker: Brandy Johnson, Michigan College Access Network
Call: Audio | Transcript

Apr 30, 2013—Chicago Public Schools Graduation Pathways

Presentations: Tracking Progress Toward GraduationFreshman on TrackHandbook Freshman Connections, a Strategic Approach
Speakers: Karen Boran, Hancock High School — LaKecia Whimper, Chicago Public Schools — Veniese Bradley, National College Advising Corps
Call: Audio

Apr 24, 2013—NOBLE Charter Schools Postsecondary Data

Presentation: Using Postsecondary Graduation rates to Improve Outcomes for Low Income Students
Speaker: Matt Niksch, The Noble Network of Charter Schools
Call: Audio

Mar 12, 2013—9th Grade on Track

Presentation: Rising On-Track Rates and the Solution to the Dropout Crisis
Speaker: Melissa Roderick and Thomas Kelley-Kemple, University of Chicago

Feb 21, 2013—Diagnostic Surveys and College-Going Culture

Presentation: College Access and Success Assessment (CASA)
Speakers: Emily Chung and Jerry Lucido, University of Southern California

Feb 19, 2013—400 Scholarships, 1 Application

Presentation: Oregon Student Access Commission: Scholarships
Speaker: Vic Nunenkamp, Oregon Student Access Commission

Aug 2012—The Forgotten Summer

Presentation: The Impact of College Counseling
Speakers: Benjamin Castleman and Lindsay Page, Harvard University — Korynn Schooley, Fulton County Schools

Jul 27, 2012—New York City Department of Education

Presentation: Driving the College and Career Readiness Agenda Forwards
Speaker: Andrea Soonachan, New York City Public Schools

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