No Child Left Behind: A New Era in Education Presentation
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  1. No Child Left Behind: A New Era in Education
  2. "When it comes to the education of our children..."
  3. Is spending the problem?
  4. Even when accounting for inflation...
  5. Percentage of Fourth Graders Reading Proficiently
  6. Reading Scores and Funding
  7. "Insanity: the belief ..."
  8. Schools using proven teaching methods...
  9. This is an American law.
  10. America's children depend on us.
  11. Four Reform Principles
  12. Accountability
  13. How will states measure progress for schools and students?
  14. How will measuring progress every year help to improve schools?
  15. Improving schools through accountability means setting annual goals for improvement.
  16. What if schools do not improve?
  17. Flexibility
  18. Local control and flexibility
  19. For example...
  20. Local Control and flexibility means money goes to solve problems, not to subsidize bureaucracy.
  21. How No Child Left Behind ensures improvements:
  22. Research-Based Improvements
  23. Solid research equals solid results.
  24. What is reliable research?
  25. Replicated
  26. Generalized
  27. Meets Rigorous Standards
  28. Convergent findings
  29. No Child Left Behind helps prepare and protect teachers.
  30. Options for Parents
  31. No Child Left Behind: A lifeline...
  32. Under No Child Left Behind...
  33. The school district must pay for transportation.
  34. If a school has failed for three consecutive years...
  35. If a school is designated by the state as dangerous or unsafe...
  36. Parents Must Be Our Partners
  37. A Call to Action for Parents
  38. Our Nation's Commitment
  39. No Child Left Behind...

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Last Modified: 04/24/2006