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The Challenge: Ineffective teaching practices and unproven education theories are among the chief reasons children fall behind and teachers get frustrated.

The Solution: Demand that instructional practices be evidence-based, and direct funding so only the best ideas with proven results are introduced into the classroom.



Scientific Method—A hypothesis about what works, or how it works, is formulated; a treatment group and control group are used in a study to try to disprove the hypothesis.

Replicated—Several studies find the same result.

Generalized—Study findings can be applied broadly, to students other than the ones studied.

Meets Rigorous Standards—The study's design, measures, and interpretation of results meet rigorous standards of peer review.

Convergent findings—Results found using different approaches all point to the same conclusion.

President Bush knows students can succeed if they are using the best materials, proven lesson plans and textbooks aligned with state standards.

  • Under No Child Left Behind, the federal government will invest in educational practices that work—that research evidence has shown to be effective in improving student performance.

Solid research equals solid results.

  • For decades, doctors have required solid research before treating patients. This scientific approach has produced some of the most effective remedies and the most impressive cures in human history.

Scientific research finds the best way to help those kids who need it most.

  • By using solid research we can get the best ideas to kids who will fail without them. For example, an experiment might involve teaching two groups of children to read using different methods and comparing the results to see which method is most successful. Some children will learn to read with a variety of methods. Children having problems learning to read need the most effective methods.
  • Effective teaching and curricula can challenge children and interest them in learning—preventing problems of violence, hyperactivity and misidentification of learning disabilities.

Thanks to scientific research, we know better ways to teach our children to read. We can do the same in other areas. No Child Left Behind will bring solid, research-based programs to schools throughout the nation.

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Last Modified: 02/10/2004