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Figure 8. VOA of MN Charter School Start-up Progress Checklist

Month Task Person(s) Responsible Resources Needed Progress Comments
Financial Management/Business Plan        
Create a comprehensive business plan which includes a 4 year budget projection and 4 year market analysis        
Develop at least two contingency budgets (one with lowest possible operating enrollment and one another enrollment scenario)        
Identify potential board members with a financial background        
Governance and Management        
Ensure contract with VOA is signed and submitted to within MDE 90 days of MDE application approval        
Determine governance structure        
Identify legal status, tax-exempt status (file for 501c3 status)        
Learning Program        
Identify instructional strategies the school will use to achieve academic goals        
School Culture        
Develop mission/vision statements for the school        
Compose a brief history of the origin of the school and community need for the school        
Description of school (grade levels served, expected enrollment demographics, etc)