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National Advisory Committee on Institutional Quality and 

AGENCY: Department of Education, Office of Postsecondary Education.

ACTION: Notice of Reestablishment of the National Advisory Committee on 
Institutional Quality and Integrity (NACIQI).


SUMMARY: The U.S. Secretary of Education (Secretary) announces the 
reestablishment of the NACIQI. The Federal Advisory Committee Act 
(FACA) (Pub. L. 92-463, as amended; 5 U.S.C.A., Appendix 2), except for 
section 14 of FACA, will govern the NACIQI.
    Purpose: The charter for the NACIQI has expired. The Secretary 
needs to reestablish the NACIQI as provided for in section 106 of the 
Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA), Public Law 110-315, 122 Stat. 
3078 et seq. The HEOA amended section 114 of the Higher Education Act 
of 1965, as amended (HEA), establishing the NACIQI. The revised NACIQI 
charter incorporates the changes outlined in the HEOA, including:
     Committee structure--number of members.
     Member appointments--nominating sources, qualifications, 
length of terms, and timing (including the timing of the notices to be 
published soliciting nominations for the positions to be filled by the 
     Selection of the chairperson.
     Meetings--agenda, Secretary's designee, and timing of 
Federal Register meeting notices.
     Reports--timing, review, and distribution of the annual 
    Sections 101(c) and 487(c)(4)of the HEA, and section 801(6) of the 
Public Health Service Act, 42 U.S.C. 296(6), require the Secretary to 
publish lists of State approval agencies, nationally recognized 
accrediting agencies, and State approval and accrediting agencies for 
programs of nurse education, that the Secretary determines to be 
reliable authorities as to the quality of education provided by the 
institutions and programs they accredit. Eligibility of higher 
education institutions and programs for participation in various 
Federal assistance programs requires accreditation by an agency listed 
by the Secretary. The NACIQI advises the Secretary in the discharge of 
these and other functions, as follows:
    1. Advises the Secretary with respect to the establishment and 
enforcement of the standards of accrediting agencies or associations 
under subpart 2 of part H of Title IV, HEA;
    2. Advises the Secretary with respect to the recognition of a 
specific accrediting agency or association;
    3. Advises the Secretary with respect to the preparation and 
publication of the list of nationally recognized accrediting agencies 
and associations;
    4. Advises the Secretary with respect to the eligibility and 
certification process for institutions of higher education under Title 
IV, HEA, together with recommendations for improvements in such 
    5. Advises the Secretary with respect to the relationship between--
    A. Accreditation of institutions of higher education and the 
certification and eligibility of such institutions; and
    B. State licensing responsibilities with respect to such 
    6. Carries out such other advisory functions relating to 
accreditation and institutional eligibility as the Secretary may 
prescribe by regulation.
    For Additional Information Contact: U.S. Department of Education, 
White House Liaison Office, Washington, DC 20202, telephone: (202) 401-
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Arne Duncan,
Secretary of Education.
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