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National Mathematics Advisory Panel

AGENCY: National Mathematics Advisory Panel, DOE.

ACTION: Notice of an open meeting.


SUMMARY: This notice sets forth the schedule and proposed agenda of an 
upcoming meeting of the National Mathematics Advisory Panel. The notice 
also describes the functions of the Panel. Notice of this meeting is 
required by section 10(a)(2) of the Federal Advisory Committee act and 
is intended to notify the public of their opportunity to attend.

DATES: Monday, May 22, 2006.
    Time: 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

ADDRESSES: The Panel will meet in Washington, DC, at the National 
Academy of Sciences Building, 2100 C Street, NW., Washington, DC.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Tyrrell Flawn, Executive Director: 
National Mathematics Advisory Panel, 400 Maryland Avenue, SW., 
Washington, DC 20202; telephone (202) 260-8354.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The Panel is established by Executive Order 
13398. The purpose of this Panel is to foster greater knowledge of and 
improved performance in mathematics among American students, in order 
to keep America competitive, support American talent and creativity, 
encourage innovation throughout the American economy and help State, 
local, territorial, and tribal governments give the nation's children 
and youth the education they need to succeed.
    The Panel will submit to the President, through the Secretary, a 
preliminary report not later than January 31, 2007, and a final report 
not later than February 28, 2008. Both reports shall, at a minimum, 
contain recommendations, based on the best available scientific 
evidence, on the following:
    (a) The critical skills and skill progressions for students to 
acquire competence in algebra and readiness for higher levels of 
    (b) the role and appropriate design of standards and assessment in 
promoting mathematical competence;
    (c) the process by which students of various abilities and 
backgrounds learn mathematics;
    (d) instructional practices, programs, and materials that are 
effective for improving mathematics learning;
    (e) the training, selection, placement, and professional 
development of teachers of mathematics in order to enhance students' 
learning of mathematics;
    (f) the role and appropriate design of systems for delivering 
instruction in mathematics that combine the different elements of 
learning processes, curricula, instruction, teacher training and 
support, and standards, assessments, and accountability;
    (g) needs for research in support of mathematics education;
    (h) ideas for strengthening capabilities to teach children and 
youth basic mathematics, geometry, algebra and calculus and other 
mathematical disciplines;
    (i) such other matters relating to mathematics education as the 
Panel deems appropriate; and
    (j) such other matters relating to mathematics education as the 
Secretary may require.
    The entire Panel will meet for the duration of the first meeting. 
The meeting agenda will include introduction of all the members and a 
background briefing on the operation of the Panel. In addition, the 
Panel will discuss plans for upcoming meetings and the work of the 
    Individuals who will need accommodations for a disability in order 
to attend the meeting (e.g., interpreting services, assistive listening 
devices, or materials in alternative formats) should notify Tyrrell 
Flawn at (202) 260-8354 no later than May 12, 2006. We will attempt to 
meet requests for accommodations after this date but cannot guarantee 
their availability. The meeting site is accessible to individuals with 
    Individuals interested in attending the meeting must register in 
advance because of limited space issues. Please contact Tyrrell Flawn 
at (202) 260-8354 or by e-mail at
    Opportunities for public comment are available through the National 
Math Panel Web site at
 Records are kept of all Panel proceedings and are available 

for public inspection at the staff office for the Panel from the hours 
of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

    Dated: May 3, 2006.
Margaret Spellings,
Secretary, U.S. Department of Education.
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