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National Assessment Governing Board; Notice

AGENCY: National Assessment Governing Board; U.S. Department of 

ACTION: Recommendations for candidates to fill board vacancies.


SUMMARY: The Secretary of Education, the Honorable Rod Paige, and the 
National Assessment Governing Board (NAGB), seek your assistance in 
identifying qualified individuals who can serve as members of the 
National Assessment Governing Board.
    In 1988 Congress passed legislation creating the Board. In 1994 
Congress amended and reauthorized the original legislation. The statute 
provides that ``* * * the Secretary and the Board shall ensure at all 
times that the membership of the Board reflects regional, racial, 
gender, and cultural balance and diversity * * *;'' Currently, the 
Board is comprised of 26 members, each of whom serves a four-year term. 
The membership of the Board represents a wide and specified diversity 
of expertise and experience. As vacancies occur, new members of the 
Board are appointed by the Secretary from among candidates who are 
nominated by the Board itself, after national consultation with many 
organizations, associations, and knowledgeable individuals. For each 
vacancy, the Board must nominate at least six persons who, by reason of 
experience or training, are qualified in a particular category. Current 
members of the Board who have not completed two full terms, and who are 
otherwise eligible, may be re-nominated.
    In order for the Board to consider a candidate, it is essential to 
have a nominating letter, which sets forth your evaluation of the 
recommended individual's qualifications, as well as a current resume 
for the individual being suggested. For 2002, the Board must nominate 
candidates for eight positions in the following eight categories:

1. Elementary School Principal
2. Secondary School Principal
3. Fourth-Grade Teacher
4. Eighth-Grade Teacher
5. Representative of Business or Industry
6. Representative of the General Public, including Parents
7. State Legislator (Democrat)
8. Chief State School Officer.

    Please feel free to nominate potential candidates in any of the 
above categories. Note, however, that in order to receive full 
consideration, all recommendations must be received by the Board no 
later than February 22, 2002. Nominations or inquires should be 
directed to: National Assessment Governing Board, 800 North Capitol 
Street, NW, Suite 825, Washington, DC 20002-4233, Attention: Dr. Sharif 

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Sharif Shakrani, Deputy Executive 
Director, National Assessment Governing Board, 800 North Capitol 
Street, NW, Suite #825, Washington, DC 20002-4233, telephone: (202) 

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The National Assessment Governing Board is 
established under section 412 of the National Education Statistics Act 
of 1994 (Title IV of the Improving America's Schools Act of 1994) (Pub. 
L. 103-382). The Board is established to formulate policy guidelines 
for the National Assessment of Educational Progress. The Board is 
responsible for selecting subject areas to be assessed, developing 
assessment objectives, identifying appropriate achievement goals for 
each grade and subject tested, and establishing standards and 
procedures for interstate and national comparisons. More detailed 
information about the Governing Board and the National Assessment of 
Educational Progress program is available on the NAGB Web site: http//

    Dated: October 19, 2001.
Roy Truby,
Executive Director, National Assessment Governing Board.
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