A r c h i v e d  I n f o r m a t i o n


``(a) Coordination With Related Programs.--In order to maximize Federal efforts aimed at serving the educational needs of children and youth of limited-English proficiency, the Secretary shall coordinate and ensure close cooperation with other programs serving language-minority and limited English proficient students that are administered by the Department and other agencies. The Secretary shall consult with the Secretary of Labor, the Secretary of Health and Human Services, the Secretary of Agriculture, the Attorney General and the heads of other relevant agencies to identify and eliminate barriers to appropriate coordination of programs that affect language-minority and limited English proficient students and their families. The Secretary shall provide for continuing consultation and collaboration, between the Office and relevant programs operated by the Department, including programs under title I and other programs under this Act, in planning, contracts, providing joint technical assistance, providing joint field monitoring activities and in other relevant activities to ensure effective program coordination to provide high quality education opportunities to all language-minority and limited English proficient students.
``(b) Data.--The Secretary shall, to the extent feasible, ensure that all data collected by the Department shall include the collection and reporting of data on limited English proficient students.
``(c) Publication of Proposals.--The Secretary shall publish and disseminate all requests for proposals for programs funded under part A.
``(d) Report.--The Director shall prepare and, not later than February 1 of every other year, shall submit to the Secretary and to the Committee on Labor and Human Resources of the Senate and to the Committee on Education and Labor of the House of Representatives a report on--
``(1) the activities carried out under this title and the effectiveness of such activities in improving the education provided to limited English proficient children and youth;
``(2) a critical synthesis of data reported by the States pursuant to section 7134;
``(3) an estimate of the number of certified bilingual education personnel in the field and an estimate of the number of bilingual education teachers which will be needed for the succeeding five fiscal years;
``(4) the major findings of research carried out under this title; and
``(5) recommendations for further developing the capacity of our Nation's schools to educate effectively limited English proficient students.