A r c h i v e d  I n f o r m a t i o n


``(a) Awards.--The Secretary may make grants to, and enter into contracts and cooperative agreements with, State and local educational agencies, nonprofit organizations, and institutions of higher education to promote the adoption and implementation of bilingual education, special alternative instruction programs, and professional development programs that demonstrate promise of assisting children and youth of limited English proficiency to meet challenging State standards.
``(b) Applications.--
``(1) In general.--Each entity desiring an award under this section shall submit an application to the Secretary in such form, at such time, and containing such information and assurances as the Secretary may reasonably require.
``(2) Peer review.--The Secretary shall use a peer review process, using effectiveness criteria that the Secretary shall establish, to review applications under this section.
``(c) Use of Funds.--Funds under this section shall be used to enhance the capacity of States and local education agencies to provide high quality academic programs for children and youth of limited English proficiency, which may include--
``(1) completing the development of such programs;
``(2) professional development of staff participating in bilingual education programs;
``(3) sharing strategies and materials; and
``(4) supporting professional networks.
``(d) Coordination.--Recipients of funds under this section shall coordinate the activities assisted under this section with activities carried out by comprehensive regional assistance centers assisted under part A of title XIII.

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