A r c h i v e d  I n f o r m a t i o n


``(a) Purpose.--The purpose of this section is to implement districtwide bilingual education programs or special alternative instruction programs to improve, reform, and upgrade relevant programs and operations, within an entire local educational agency, that serve a significant number of children and youth of limited English proficiency in local educational agencies with significant concentrations of such children and youth.
``(b) Program Authorized.--
``(1) Authority.--
``(A) The Secretary is authorized to award grants to eligible entities having applications approved under section 7116 to enable such entities to carry out activities described in paragraphs (3) and (4).
``(B) Each grant under this section shall be awarded for 5 years.
``(2) Termination.--The Secretary shall terminate grants to eligible entities under this section if the Secretary determines that--
``(A) the program evaluation required by section 7123 indicates that students in the program are not being taught to and are not making adequate progress toward achieving challenging State content standards and challenging State student performance standards; or
``(B) in the case of a program to promote dual language facility, such program is not promoting such facility.
``(3) Preparation.--Grants under this section may be used during the first 12 months exclusively for activities preparatory to the delivery of services.
``(4) Uses.--Grants under this section may be used to improve the education of limited English proficient students and their families by reviewing, restructuring, and upgrading--
``(A) educational goals, curriculum guidelines and content, standards and assessments;
``(B) personnel policies and practices including recruitment, certification, staff development, and assignment;
``(C) student grade-promotion and graduation requirements;
``(D) student assignment policies and practices;
``(E) family education programs and parent outreach and training activities designed to assist parents to become active participants in the education of their children;
``(F) the instructional program for limited English proficient students by identifying, acquiring and upgrading curriculum, instructional materials, educational software and assessment procedures and, if appropriate, applying educational technology;
``(G) tutorials and academic or career counseling for children and youth of limited-English proficiency; and
``(H) such other activities, related to the purposes of this part, as the Secretary may approve.
``(c) Eligible Entities.--For the purpose of this section the term `eligible entity' means--
``(1) one or more local educational agencies; or
``(2) one or more local educational agencies in collaboration with an institution of higher education, community-based organizations or a local or State educational agency.