A r c h i v e d  I n f o r m a t i o n


``(a) Contents of Application.--A local educational agency or consortium of such agencies may receive an allocation of funds under this title for any year for which an application is submitted to the State educational agency and such application is certified to meet the requirements of this section. The State educational agency shall certify any such application if such application--
``(A) sets forth the planned allocation of funds among innovative assistance programs described in section 6301 and describes the programs, projects, and activities designed to carry out such innovative assistance which the local educational agency intends to support, together with the reasons for the selection of such programs, projects, and activities; and
``(B) sets forth the allocation of such funds required to implement section 6402;
``(2) describes how assistance under this title will contribute to meeting the National Education Goals and improving student achievement or improving the quality of education for students;
``(3) provide assurances of compliance with the provisions of this title, including the participation of children enrolled in private, nonprofit schools in accordance with section 6402;
``(4) agrees to keep such records, and provide such information to the State educational agency as reasonably may be required for fiscal audit and program evaluation, consistent with the responsibilities of the State agency under this title; and
``(5) provides in the allocation of funds for the assistance authorized by this title, and in the design, planning and implementation of such programs, for systematic consultation with parents of children attending elementary and secondary schools in the area served by the local educational agency, with teachers and administrative personnel in such schools, and with other groups involved in the implementation of this title (such as librarians, school counselors, and other pupil services personnel) as may be considered appropriate by the local educational agency.
``(b) Period of Application.--An application filed by a local educational agency under subsection (a) shall be for a period not to exceed three fiscal years, may provide for the allocation of funds to programs for a period of three years, and may be amended annually as may be necessary to reflect changes without filing a new application.
``(c) Local Educational Agency Discretion.--Subject to the limitations and requirements of this title, a local educational agency shall have complete discretion in determining how funds under this part shall be divided among the areas of targeted assistance. In exercising such discretion, a local educational agency shall ensure that expenditures under this part carry out the purposes of this title and are used to meet the educational needs within the schools of such local educational agency.