A r c h i v e d  I n f o r m a t i o n


``(a) Applications.--An eligible local educational agency or consortium of such agencies desiring to receive assistance under this part shall submit an application to the Secretary at such time, in such manner, and containing such information and assurances as the Secretary may reasonably require.
``(b) Information and Assurances.--Each such application shall include--
``(1) a description of--
``(A) how assistance made available under this part will be used to promote desegregation, including how the proposed magnet school project will increase interaction among students of different social, economic, ethnic, and racial backgrounds;
``(B) the manner and extent to which the magnet school project will increase student achievement in the instructional area or areas offered by the school;
``(C) how an applicant will continue the magnet school project after assistance under this part is no longer available, including, if applicable, an explanation of why magnet schools established or supported by the applicant with funds under this part cannot be continued without the use of funds under this part;
``(D) how funds under this part will be used to implement services and activities that are consistent with other programs under this Act, the Goals 2000: Educate America Act, and other Acts, as appropriate, in accordance with the provisions of section 14306; and
``(E) the criteria to be used in selecting students to attend the proposed magnet school projects; and
``(2) assurances that the applicant will--
``(A) use funds under this part for the purposes specified in section 5102;
``(B) employ State certified or licensed teachers in the courses of instruction assisted under this part to teach or supervise others who are teaching the subject matter of the courses of instruction;
``(C) not engage in discrimination based on race, religion, color, national origin, sex, or disability in--
``(i) the hiring, promotion, or assignment of employees of the agency or other personnel for whom the agency has any administrative responsibility;
``(ii) the assignment of students to schools, or to courses of instruction within the school, of such agency, except to carry out the approved plan; and
``(iii) designing or operating extracurricular activities for students;
``(D) carry out a high-quality education program that will encourage greater parental decisionmaking and involvement; and
``(E) give students residing in the local attendance area of the proposed magnet school projects equitable consideration for placement in those projects.
``(c) Special Rule.--No application may be approved under this section unless the Assistant Secretary of Education for Civil Rights determines that the assurances described in subsection (b)(2)(C) will be met.

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