A r c h i v e d  I n f o r m a t i o n


(a) Establishment.--There is established, within the Center, the Advisory Council on Education Statistics (hereafter in this title referred to as the ``Council'').
(b) Membership.--
(1) Composition.--The Council shall be composed of--
(A) 18 voting members who are users of education data and who are appointed by the Secretary on the basis of their experience and eminence within the field of education, of whom at least--
(i) three
shall be practicing educators;
(ii) three shall be education policymakers;
(iii) three shall be professional statisticians;
(iv) three shall be education researchers; and
(v) three shall be experts in educational measurement;
(B) three individuals representing the general public, appointed by the Secretary;
(C) the Director of the Census and the Commissioner of Labor Statistics, as voting, ex officio members; and
(D) the Assistant Secretary and the Commissioner, as nonvoting, ex officio members.
(2) Presiding officer.--The Commissioner shall appoint the presiding officer of the Council from among the voting members of the Council.
(3) Terms.--Members of the Council appointed under paragraph (1)(A) shall be appointed for three-year terms except that, in the case of initial appointments, the Secretary shall make appointments for shorter terms to the extent necessary to avoid the expiration of the terms of more than six members in the same calendar year.
(4) Meetings.--
(A) The Council shall meet in public session at the call of the presiding officer, except that the Council shall meet--
(i) at least two times during each calendar year; and
(ii) in addition, whenever ten voting members request in writing that the presiding officer call a meeting.
(B) Eleven voting members of the Council shall constitute a quorum.
(5) Special rule.--The Council shall--
(A) review general policies for the operation of the Center and shall advise the Commissioner on standards to ensure that statistics and other information disseminated by the Center are of high quality and are not subject to partisan political influence; and
(B) advise the Commissioner and the National Assessment Governing Board on technical and statistical matters related to the National Assessment of Educational Progress.
(6) Staff.--The Council shall appoint a staff of not more than six individuals with technical expertise to enable the Council to carry out its duties.

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