A r c h i v e d  I n f o r m a t i o n


``The Secretary is authorized--
``(1) to establish and administer a Special Projects of National Significance program to award grants, contracts, or cooperative agreements to public and nonprofit private entities, or local public television stations or such public television stations that are part of a consortium with one or more State educational agencies, local educational agencies, local schools, institutions of higher education, or community-based organizations of demonstrated effectiveness, for the purpose of--
``(A) addressing the learning needs of young children in limited English proficient households, and developing appropriate educational and instructional television programming to foster the school readiness of such children;
``(B) developing programming and support materials to increase family literacy skills among parents to assist parents in teaching their children and utilizing educational television programming to promote school readiness; and
``(C) identifying, supporting, and enhancing the effective use and outreach of innovative programs that promote school readiness;
``(2) to establish within the Department a clearinghouse to compile and provide information, referrals and model program materials and programming obtained or developed under this part to parents, child care providers, and other appropriate individuals or entities to assist such individuals and entities in accessing programs and projects under this part; and
``(3) to develop and disseminate training materials, including--
``(A) interactive programs and programs adaptable to distance learning technologies that are designed to enhance knowledge of children's social and cognitive skill development and positive adult-child interactions; and
``(B) support materials to promote the effective use of materials developed under paragraph (2); among parents, Head Start providers, in-home and center based day care providers, early childhood development personnel, and elementary school teachers, public libraries, and after school program personnel caring for preschool and elementary school children;
``(4) coordinate activities with the Secretary of Health and Human Services in order to--
``(A) maximize the utilization of quality educational programming by preschool and elementary school children, and make such programming widely available to federally funded programs serving such populations; and
``(B) provide information to recipients of funds under Federal programs that have major training components for early childhood development, including Head Start, Even Start, and State training activities funded under the Child Care Development Block Grant Act of 1990 regarding the availability and utilization of materials developed under paragraph (3) to enhance parent and child care provider skills in early childhood development and education.