A r c h i v e d  I n f o r m a t i o n


``(a) Reservation.--From the amount appropriated pursuant to the authority of section 3204(c)(1) in each fiscal year, the Secretary may reserve not more than 5 percent of such amount for national leadership, evaluation, and peer review activities.
``(b) Method of Funding.--The Secretary may fund the activities described in subsection (a) directly or through grants, contracts, and cooperative agreements.
``(c) Uses of Funds.--
``(1) Leadership.--Funds reserved for leadership activities under subsection (a) may be used for--
``(A) disseminating information, including lists and descriptions of services available from grant recipients under this part; and
``(B) other activities designed to enhance the quality of distance learning activities nationwide.
``(2) Evaluation.--Funds reserved for evaluation activities under subsection (a) may be used to conduct independent evaluations of the activities assisted under this part and of distance learning in general, including--
``(A) analyses of distance learning efforts, including such efforts that are assisted under this part and such efforts that are not assisted under this part; and
``(B) comparisons of the effects, including student outcomes, of different technologies in distance learning efforts.
``(3) Peer review.--Funds reserved for peer review activities under subsection (a) may be used for peer review of--
``(A) applications for grants under this part; and
``(B) activities assisted under this part.

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