A r c h i v e d  I n f o r m a t i o n

``SEC. 2304. PLAN.

``Each eligible partnership desiring assistance under this part shall develop a plan for the program to be assisted under this part. Such plan shall--
``(1) identify clearly how such plan will support an overall systemic reform strategy giving special attention to the role of teacher preparation for new standards and assessment;
``(2) describe the eligible partnership's instructional objectives and how the professional development activities will support such objectives;
``(3) specify the organizational arrangements and delivery strategies to be used, such as teacher centers, professional development schools, teacher networks, and academic alliances, as well as the curriculum for teachers;
``(4) specify the commitments the local educational agencies, teacher's union, institutions of higher education, or any other entity participating in such partnership are prepared to make, not only to support program activities such as release time, contractual flexibility, support for interns or student teachers if applicable, but also to sustain the central aspects of the plan after the expiration of the grant; and
``(5) describe how the activities described under this part will lead to districtwide policy and budget changes.

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