A r c h i v e d  I n f o r m a t i o n


``(a) Program Assistance Manual.--The Secretary shall, not later than six months after the publication of final regulations under this title, prepare and distribute to State educational agencies, State agencies operating programs under parts C and D, and local educational agencies, and shall make available to parents and other interested individuals, organizations, and agencies, a manual for this title to--
``(1) assist such agencies in--
``(A) enhancing the quality, increasing the depth, or broadening the scope of activities for programs under this title;
``(B) applying for program funds under this title; and
``(C) meeting the program objectives under this title;
``(2) assist State educational agencies in achieving proper and efficient administration of programs funded under this title;
``(3) assist parents to become involved in the planning for, and implementation and evaluation of, programs and projects under this title; and
``(4) ensure that officers and employees of the Department, including officers and employees of the Secretary and officers and employees of the Department charged with auditing programs carried on under this title, uniformly interpret, apply, and enforce requirements under this title throughout the United States.
``(b) Contents of Policy Manual.--The policy manual shall, with respect to programs carried out under this title, contain descriptions, statements, procedural and substantive rules, opinions, policy statements and interpretations and indices to and amendments of the foregoing, and in particular, whether or not such descriptions, statements, procedural and substantive rules, opinions, policy statements and interpretations and indices are required under section 552 of title 5, United States Code, to be published or made available. The manual shall include--
``(1) a statement of the requirements applicable to the programs carried out under this title, including such requirements contained in this title, the General Education Provisions Act, other applicable statutes, and regulations issued under the authority of such statutes;
``(2) an explanation of the purpose of each requirement and its interrelationship with other applicable requirements; and
``(3) model forms and instructions developed by the Secretary for use by State and local educational agencies, at the discretion of such agencies, including, application forms, application review checklists, and instruments for monitoring programs under this title.
``(c) Response to Inquiries.--The Secretary shall respond with written guidance not later than 90 days after any written request (return receipt requested) from a State or local educational agency regarding a policy, question, or interpretation under this title is received. In the case of a request from a local educational agency, such agency is required to address its request to the State educational agency first.