A r c h i v e d  I n f o r m a t i o n


``(a) In General.--From the amount appropriated under section 1002(g)(2), the Secretary shall provide not less than $10,000,000, but not more than $40,000,000 to support innovative transition projects in elementary schools authorized under this section.
``(b) Grants.--
``(1) Local programs.--The Secretary shall award grants to local educational agencies (including such agencies that operate Follow Through programs, Even Start, and other comparable programs) that have formed consortia with early childhood programs (including Head Start, where available) for the purpose of supporting projects, for children from low-income families who previously attended a Head Start program, Even Start program, or similar preschool program, which provide education and other services in early elementary grades.
``(2) Purposes of projects.--The purposes of projects assisted under this section are to--
``(A) assist eligible children and their families in making a successful transition from preschool through the early elementary grades;
``(B) enable eligible children to achieve challenging academic standards through a model, developmentally appropriate, instructional program; and
``(C) support the active involvement of parents in the education of their children.
``(3) Components.--A program assisted under this subsection--
``(A) shall provide transition to elementary school activities, such as--
``(i) development of a transition plan for each child which provides for instruction, support, and assistance through the third grade;
``(ii) transfer of each child's preschool records to the elementary school (with parental consent);
``(iii) formal meetings between a child's parent, preschool teacher, and kindergarten or first grade teacher; and
``(iv) kindergarten visits and other orientation activities for preschool children prior to enrollment in elementary school;
``(B) shall use an instructional approach which--
``(i) has been shown to be effective in providing transition services; or
``(ii) shows promise of providing effective transition services;
``(C) shall provide for the direct participation of the parents of such children in the development, operation, and evaluation of such program;
``(D) shall provide directly or through referral comprehensive educational, health, nutritional, social, and other services that aid in the continued development of eligible children to their full potential;
``(E) shall ensure that each supportive services team developed pursuant to subsection (c)(8) includes a sufficient number of family service coordinators to adequately meet the needs of eligible children and their families; and
``(F) may provide for the use of mentors who are secondary school students to assist elementary and secondary students who were formerly enrolled in Head Start or Even Start programs.
``(c) Applications.--An application for a grant under subsection (b) shall--
``(1) describe the goals which the applicant plans to achieve;
``(2) describe the instructional approach the applicant will use, and the manner in which the applicant will implement such approach;
``(3) describe the transition to elementary school activities for which assistance is sought;
``(4) describe the members of the consortium required by subsection (b)(1);
``(5) shall include evidence that the consortium members each have performed assessments of their programs to ensure that such members have the capacity to address the health, immunization, mental health, nutrition, parenting education, literacy, social service (including substance abuse, education, and prevention), and educational needs of low-income students and their families whom the consortium members plan to serve;
``(6) describe how the project will be coordinated with title I, title VII, and other programs under this Act;
``(7) provide evidence that the proposed transition activities, instruction, and other services to be provided by the applicant have been specifically designed to build upon, and coordinate with, the services provided to eligible children and their parents by local Head Start, Even Start, and other similar preschool programs;
``(8) include--
``(A) a plan for the development of a support services team, including a family service coordinator, to--
``(i) assist families, administrators, and teachers to respond to health, immunization, mental health, nutrition, social service, and educational needs of eligible students;
``(ii) conduct home visits and help students and their families to obtain health, immunization, mental health, nutrition, parenting education, literacy, education (including tutoring and remedial services), and social services (including substance abuse treatment, education, and prevention), for which students and their families are eligible;
``(iii) coordinate a family outreach and support program, including a plan for involving parents in the management of the program under subsection (b), in cooperation with parental involvement efforts undertaken pursuant to this part, the Head Start Act, and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, including school-parent compacts, parent volunteer activities, parent education services and training such as the services and training provided through the Even Start program, and regular meetings; and
``(iv) assist families, administrators, and teachers in enhancing developmental continuity between the programs assisted under the Head Start Act, other early childhood development programs, and elementary school classes; or
``(B) a description of the comprehensive, coordinated services currently provided to children eligible for services under this section;
``(9) designate a member of the support services team described in paragraph (8) who will serve as the supervisor of such support services team;
``(10) contain assurances that State agencies, local agencies, and community-based organizations that provide support services to low-income students served by the local educational agency consortium have been consulted in the preparation of the plan described in paragraph (8);
``(11) contain assurances that State agencies, local agencies, and community-based organizations served by the local educational agency consortium will designate an individual who will act as a liaison to the support services team described in paragraph (8);
``(12) describe the target population to be served by the support services team described in paragraph (8), including families previously served under part C of the Head Start Act, or other comparable early childhood development program;
``(13) describe the support services to be provided, directly or through referral;
``(14) describe the Federal and non-Federal resources that will be used to carry out the program;
``(15) contain assurances that the support services described in paragraph (8) will be equipped to assist children and families with limited-English proficiency or with disabilities;
``(16) include a plan describing how the program assisted under this section will be sustained, with funding received under part A or other Federal and non-Federal funding sources, after the grant has expired; and
``(17) contain such other information as the Secretary may reasonably require.
``(d) National Activities.--
``(1) In general.--Of the amount provided under subsection (a) to carry out this section, the Secretary shall use not less than $3,000,000 but not more than $5,000,000 to carry out national activities to evaluate and improve the use of innovative transition programs.
``(2) Technical assistance and training.-- Of the amount reserved under paragraph (1), the Secretary shall use not less than $3,000,000 to award grants to public and private nonprofit agencies, institutions, and organizations to provide to consortia which receive grants under subsection (b)(1) and, to the extent feasible, to schools that are designated schoolwide programs under section 1114--
``(A) technical assistance in the implementation and expanded use of model transition and instructional approaches, including the use of appropriate pedagogy, efforts to increase parental involvement and providing access to coordinated services; and
``(B) training in conjunction with the implementation and operation of such model approaches.
``(3) Coordination and dissemination.--The Secretary, in cooperation with the Secretary of Health and Human Services, may promote coordination of activities assisted under this section with the projects funded under the Head Start Transition Projects Act, including a process to--
``(A) collect information on program activities and results; and
``(B) disseminate information on successful transition programs.
``(4) Evaluation.--
``(A) The Secretary, in cooperation with the Secretary of Health and Human Services, is authorized to award grants, or enter into contracts or cooperative agreements, to provide for the evaluation of the programs assisted under this section.
``(B) To the extent practicable, such evaluations shall be conducted jointly with evaluations of Head Start Transition Projects.
``(5) Other activities.--The Secretary may undertake other activities to promote the replication of successful transition programs.
``(e) Coordination of Regulations.--The Secretary shall work with the Secretary of Health and Human Services to coordinate regulations promulgated under this section with regulations promulgated under the Head Start Act Amendments of 1994.
``(f) General Provisions.--
``(1) Priority.--In awarding grants under subsection (b)(1), the Secretary shall give priority to applicants that--
``(A) will operate a project under this section at a school designated as a schoolwide program under section 1114;
``(B) serve local educational agencies that have the highest numbers or percentages of poor children; and
``(C) demonstrate a significant commitment by the community to the proposed program, as evidenced by the level of resources, both cash and in-kind, from other public and private sources available to the consortium.
``(2) Supplement.--An application for assistance under this section may not be approved unless the Secretary is satisfied that the services to be provided by the applicant will supplement, and not supplant, services that previously provided other Federal assistance.
``(3) Sufficient size.--A grant under subsection (b)(1) shall be of sufficient size and scope to enable the grantee to operate a project which meets the requirements of this section.
``(4) Urban and rural grants.--To the extent practicable, the Secretary shall award grants under subsection (b)(1) to consortia in both urban and rural areas.
``(5) Renewal grant.--To be eligible to renew a grant under the section, an applicant that received assistance under subsection (b)(1) shall demonstrate that the project achieved the purposes described in subsection (b)(2).
``(g) Definitions.--As used in this section:
``(1) Family services coordinator.--The term `family services coordinator' means an individual who has the skills necessary to assist families in obtaining support services and may be an existing employee of a local educational agency or Head Start agency.
``(2) Head start agency.--The term `Head Start agency' means any agency designated as a Head Start agency under the Head Start Act (42 U.S.C. 9831 et seq.).
``(3) Support services.--The term `support services' means services that enhance the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development of low-income children, including the provision of necessary support to the parents and other family members of such children.