A r c h i v e d  I n f o r m a t i o n


``Each correctional facility entering into an agreement with a local educational agency under section 1422(a) to provide services to youth under this section shall--
``(1) where feasible, ensure educational programs in juvenile facilities are coordinated with the student's home school, particularly with respect to special education students with an individualized education program;
``(2) notify the local school of a youth if the youth is identified as in need of special education services while in the facility;
``(3) where feasible, provide transition assistance to help the youth stay in school, including coordination of services for the family, counseling, assistance in accessing drug and alcohol abuse prevention programs, tutoring, and family counseling;
``(4) provide support programs which encourage youth who have dropped out to reenter school once their term has been completed or provide such youth with the skills necessary for such youth to gain employment or seek a secondary school diploma or its recognized equivalent;
``(5) work to ensure such facilities are staffed with teachers and other qualified staff who are trained to work with children with disabilities and other students with special needs taking into consideration the unique needs of such children and students;
``(6) ensure educational programs in correctional facilities are related to assisting students meet high educational standards;
``(7) use, to the extent possible, technology to assist in coordinating educational programs between the juvenile facility and the community school;
``(8) where feasible, involve parents in efforts to improve the educational achievement of their children and prevent the further involvement of such children in delinquent activities;
``(9) coordinate funds received under this program with other local, State, and Federal funds available to provide services to participating youth, such as funds under the Job Training Partnership Act, and vocational education funds;
``(10) coordinate programs operated under this subpart with activities funded under the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act of 1974 and other comparable programs, if applicable; and
``(11) if appropriate, work with local businesses to develop training and mentoring programs for participating youth.

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