A r c h i v e d  I n f o r m a t i o n


``(a) In General.--Each comprehensive regional assistance center established under section 13101(a) shall--
``(1) maintain appropriate staff expertise and provide support, training, and assistance to State educational agencies, tribal divisions of education, local educational agencies, schools, and other grant recipients under this Act, in--
``(A) improving the quality of instruction, curricula, assessments, and other aspects of school reform, supported with funds under title I;
``(B) implementing effective schoolwide programs under section 1114;
``(C) meeting the needs of children served under this Act, including children in high-poverty areas, migratory children, immigrant children, children with limited-English proficiency, neglected or delinquent children, homeless children and youth, Indian children, children with disabilities, and, where applicable, Alaska Native children and Native Hawaiian children;
``(D) implementing high-quality professional development activities for teachers, and where appropriate, administrators, pupil services personnel and other staff;
``(E) improving the quality of bilingual education, including programs that emphasize English and native language proficiency and promote multicultural understanding;
``(F) creating safe and drug-free environments, especially in areas experiencing high levels of drug use and violence in the community and school;
``(G) implementing educational applications of technology;
``(H) coordinating services and programs to meet the needs of students so that students can fully participate in the educational program of the school;
``(I) expanding the involvement and participation of parents in the education of their children;
``(J) reforming schools, school systems, and the governance and management of schools;
``(K) evaluating programs; and
``(L) meeting the special needs of students living in urban and rural areas and the special needs of local educational agencies serving urban and rural areas;
``(2) ensure that technical assistance staff have sufficient training, knowledge, and expertise in how to integrate and coordinate programs under this Act with each other, as well as with other Federal, State, and local programs and reforms;
``(3) provide technical assistance using the highest quality and most cost-effective strategies possible;
``(4) coordinate services, work cooperatively, and regularly share information with, the regional educational laboratories, the Eisenhower regional consortia under part C, research and development centers, State literacy centers authorized under the National Literacy Act of 1991, and other entities engaged in research, development, dissemination, and technical assistance activities which are supported by the Department as part of a Federal technical assistance system, to provide a broad range of support services to schools in the region while minimizing the duplication of such services;
``(5) work collaboratively with the Department's regional offices;
``(6) consult with representatives of State educational agencies, local educational agencies, and populations served under this Act;
``(7) provide services to States, local educational agencies, tribes, and schools, in coordination with the National Diffusion Network State Facilitators activities under section 13201, in order to better implement the purposes of this part and provide the support and assistance diffusion agents need to carry out such agents' mission effectively; and
``(8) provide professional development services to State educational agencies, local educational agencies, and the National Diffusion Network State Facilitators to increase the capacity of such entities to provide high-quality technical assistance in support of programs under this Act.
``(b) Priority.--Each comprehensive regional assistance center assisted under this part shall give priority to servicing--
``(1) schoolwide programs under section 1114; and
``(2) local educational agencies and Bureau-funded schools with the highest percentages or numbers of children in poverty.