A r c h i v e d  I n f o r m a t i o n



``(a) Comprehensive Regional Assistance Centers.--
``(1) In general.--The Secretary is authorized to award grants to, or enter into contracts or cooperative agreements with, public or private nonprofit entities or consortia of such entities in order to establish a networked system of 15 comprehensive regional assistance centers to provide comprehensive training and technical assistance, related to administration and implementation of programs under this Act, to States, local educational agencies, schools, tribes, community-based organizations, and other recipients of funds under this Act.
``(2) Consideration.--In establishing comprehensive regional assistance centers and allocating resources among the centers, the Secretary shall consider--
``(A) the geographic distribution of students assisted under title I;
``(B) the geographic and linguistic distribution of students of limited-English proficiency;
``(C) the geographic distribution of Indian students;
``(D) the special needs of students living in urban and rural areas; and
``(E) the special needs of States and outlying areas in geographic isolation.
``(3) Special rule.--The Secretary shall establish 1 comprehensive regional assistance center under this section in Hawaii.
``(b) Service to Indians and Alaska Natives.--The Secretary shall ensure that each comprehensive regional assistance center that serves a region with a significant population of Indian or Alaska Native students shall--
``(1) be awarded to a consortium which includes a tribally controlled community college or other Indian organization; and
``(2) assist in the development and implementation of instructional strategies, methods and materials which address the specific cultural and other needs of Indian or Alaska Native students.
``(c) Accountability.--To ensure the quality and effectiveness of the networked system of comprehensive regional assistance centers supported under this part, the Secretary shall--
``(1) develop, in consultation with the Assistant Secretary for Elementary and Secondary Education, the Director of Bilingual Education and Minority Languages Affairs, and the Assistant Secretary for Educational Research and Improvement, a set of performance indicators that assesses whether the work of the centers assists in improving teaching and learning under this Act for all children, particularly children at risk of educational failure;
``(2) conduct surveys every two years of populations to be served under this Act to determine if such populations are satisfied with the access to and quality of such services;
``(3) collect, as part of the Department's reviews of programs under this Act, information about the availability and quality of services provided by the centers, and share that information with the centers; and
``(4) take whatever steps are reasonable and necessary to ensure that each center performs its responsibilities in a satisfactory manner, which may include--
``(A) termination of an award under this part (if the Secretary concludes that performance has been unsatisfactory) and the selection of a new center; and
``(B) whatever interim arrangements the Secretary determines are necessary to ensure the satisfactory delivery of services under this part to an affected region.
``(d) Duration.--Grants, contracts or cooperative agreements under this section shall be awarded for a period of 5 years.