A r c h i v e d  I n f o r m a t i o n


``Each program assisted under this part shall--
``(1) include the identification and recruitment of families most in need of services provided under this part, as indicated by a low level of income, a low level of adult literacy or English language proficiency of the eligible parent or parents, and other need-related indicators;
``(2) include screening and preparation of parents, including teenage parents and children to enable such parents to participate fully in the activities and services provided under this part, including testing, referral to necessary counselling, other developmental and support services, and related services;
``(3) be designed to accommodate the participants' work schedule and other responsibilities, including the provision of support services, when such services are unavailable from other sources, necessary for participation in the activities assisted under this part, such as--
``(A) scheduling and locating of services to allow joint participation by parents and children;
``(B) child care for the period that parents are involved in the program provided under this part; and
``(C) transportation for the purpose of enabling parents and their children to participate in programs authorized by this part;
``(4) include high-quality instructional programs that promote adult literacy and empower parents to support the educational growth of their children, developmentally appropriate early childhood educational services, and preparation of children for success in regular school programs;
``(5) include special training of staff, including child care staff, to develop the skills necessary to work with parents and young children in the full range of instructional services offered through this part;
``(6) provide and monitor integrated instructional services to participating parents and children through home-based programs;
``(7) operate on a year-round basis, including the provision of some program services, instructional or enrichment, during the summer months;
``(8) be coordinated with--
``(A) programs assisted under other parts of this title and this Act;
``(B) any relevant programs under the Adult Education Act, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, and the Job Training Partnership Act; and
``(C) the Head Start program, volunteer literacy programs, and other relevant programs;
``(9) ensure that the programs will serve those families most in need of the activities and services provided by this part; and
``(10) provide for an independent evaluation of the program.