A r c h i v e d  I n f o r m a t i o n


``For the purpose of this title--
``(1) the term `construction' means the alteration or renovation of a building, structure, or facility, including--
``(A) the concurrent installation of equipment; and
``(B) the complete or partial replacement of an existing facility, but only if such replacement is less expensive and more cost-effective than alteration, renovation, or repair of the facility;
``(2) the term `school' means a public structure suitable for use as a classroom, laboratory, library, media center, or related facility, the primary purpose of which is the instruction of public elementary and secondary school students; and
``(3) the term `eligible local educational agency' means a local educational agency in which--
``(A) not less than 15 percent of the children that reside in the geographic area served by such agency are eligible to be counted under subpart 2 of part A of title I of this Act; or
``(B) the United States owns Federal property described in section 8015(5), that has an assessed value (determined as of the time or times when acquired) aggregating 90 percent or more of the assessed value of all real property in such agency (determined as of the time or times when so acquired); and
``(C) demonstrates in the application submitted under section 12006 that such agency has urgent repair, renovation, alteration and construction needs for its public elementary or secondary schools used for academic or vocational instruction.

SEC. 12011. FEDERAL ASSESSMENT. Table of Contents SEC. 12013. AUTHORIZATION.