A r c h i v e d  I n f o r m a t i o n


``(a) Special Rules.--
``(1) Maintenance of effort.--An eligible local educational agency may receive a grant under this title for any fiscal year only if the Secretary finds that either the combined fiscal effort per student or the aggregate expenditures of that agency and the State with respect to the provision of free public education by such local educational agency for the preceding fiscal year was not less than 90 percent of such combined fiscal effort or aggregate expenditures for the fiscal year for which the determination is made.
``(2) Supplement not supplant.--An eligible local educational agency shall use funds received under this title only to supplement the amount of funds that would, in the absence of such Federal funds, be made available from non-Federal sources for the repair, renovation, alteration, and construction of school facilities used for educational purposes, and not to supplant such funds.
``(b) General Limitations.--
``(1) Real property.--No part of any grant funds under this title shall be used for the acquisition of any interest in real property.
``(2) Maintenance.--Nothing in this title shall be construed to authorize the payment of maintenance costs in connection with any projects constructed in whole or in part with Federal funds provided under this title.
``(3) Environmental safeguards.--All projects carried out with Federal funds provided under this title shall comply with all relevant Federal, State, and local environmental laws and regulations.
``(4) Athletic and similar facilities.--No funds received under this title shall be used for stadiums or other facilities that are primarily used for athletic contests or exhibitions or other events for which admission is charged to the general public.

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