A r c h i v e d  I n f o r m a t i o n

``SEC. 10905. USES OF FUNDS.

``Grants awarded under this part may be used to plan, implement, or expand community learning centers which include not less than four of the following activities:
``(1) Literacy education programs.
``(2) Senior citizen programs.
``(3) Children's day care services.
``(4) Integrated education, health, social service, recreational, or cultural programs.
``(5) Summer and weekend school programs in conjunction with recreation programs.
``(6) Nutrition and health programs.
``(7) Expanded library service hours to serve community needs.
``(8) Telecommunications and technology education programs for individuals of all ages.
``(9) Parenting skills education programs.
``(10) Support and training for child day care providers.
``(11) Employment counseling, training, and placement.
``(12) Services for individuals who leave school before graduating from secondary school, regardless of the age of such individual.
``(13) Services for individuals with disabilities.

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