A r c h i v e d  I n f o r m a t i o n


``(a) Participation of Private School Children and Teachers.--In making grants and entering into contracts under this part, the Secretary shall ensure, where appropriate, that provision is made for the equitable participation of students and teachers in private nonprofit elementary and secondary schools, including the participation of teachers and other personnel in professional development programs serving such children.
``(b) Review, Dissemination, and Evaluation.--The Secretary shall--
``(1) use a peer review process in reviewing applications under this part;
``(2) ensure that information on the activities and results of programs and projects funded under this part is disseminated to appropriate State and local agencies and other appropriate organizations, including nonprofit private organizations; and
``(3) evaluate the effectiveness of programs under this part in accordance with section 14701, both in terms of the impact on students traditionally served in separate gifted and talented programs and on other students, and submit the results of such evaluation to Congress not later than January 1, 1998.
``(c) Program Operations.--The Secretary shall ensure that the programs under this part are administered within the Department by a person who has recognized professional qualifications and experience in the field of the education of gifted and talented students and who shall--
``(1) administer the programs authorized by this part;
``(2) coordinate all programs for gifted and talented students administered by the Department;
``(3) serve as a focal point of national leadership and information on the educational needs of gifted and talented students and the availability of educational services and programs designed to meet such needs; and
``(4) assist the Assistant Secretary of the Office of Educational Research and Improvement in identifying research priorities which reflect the needs of gifted and talented students.