Funding GRANTS
RSA Grants & Funding

The Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA), through its many programs and projects, provides an array of discretionary grants and other funding opportunities to serve individuals with disabilities and their families. Please find out more about those opportunities below.

Discretionary Grant Applications

Click on Discretionary Grant Applications to learn more about discretionary grant funding opportunities available from RSA.


RSA awards grants to colleges and universities for providing scholarship assistance to students.

RSA Program Budget

The Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) supports formula grants to states for vocational rehabilitation services and a variety of smaller demonstration, training and service programs. The purpose of these programs is to develop and implement comprehensive and coordinated programs of vocational rehabilitation and independent living for individuals with disabilities. Current and past program budgets, as well as state-by-state distributions for formula grant awards for all Department of Education programs are available.


To learn more about RSA—or use tools and download data—visit our Web portal at or click on one of the links below.

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Last Modified: 09/11/2014