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FY 2011-2012 Discretionary Grant Application Packages for which Closing Date Has Passed

This page lists U.S. Department of Education grant applications for which the closing date has passed. Applications are no longer being accepted for these grant competitions.

A list of currently open grant competitions is available on a separate page.

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List of Closed Grant Competitions
(Latest Closing Dates appear at top of list.)
CFDA# Closing Date Program Name
84.031W and 84.031N 4/30/2012 Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian Serving Institutions--Title III Part A Programs [OPE]
84.328C and 84.328M 4/27/2012 Special Education--National Activities--Parent Information Centers [OSERS]
84.362A 4/24/2012 Native Hawaiian Education [OESE]
84.031A 4/23/2012 Title III Part A Programs - Strengthening Institutions [OPE]
84.021 4/23/2012 Fulbright-Hays--Group Projects Abroad Program [OPE]
84.327D 4/12/2012 Special Education--National Activities--Technology and Media Services [OSERS]
84.133A-13 4/16/2012 Disability and Rehabilitation Research and Related Projects [OSERS]
84.411P and 84.411.C 4/9/2012 Investing in Innovation Fund (i3) [OII]
84.330B 4/6/2012 Advanced Placement Test Fee Program [OESE]
84.047A 3/16/2012 Upward Bound Program [OPE]
84.031S 3/15/2012 Developing Hispanic-Serving Institutions Program - Title V [OPE]
84.299B 3/8/2012 Indian Education Professional Development Grants [OESE]
84.133G-1 3/5/2012 Disability and Rehabilitation Research Projects and Centers Program-Field Initiated Projects Program [OSERS]
84.133P-1 2/28/2012 Disability and Rehabilitation Research Projects and Centers Program—Advanced Rehabilitation Research Training (ARRT) Projects [OSERS]
84.299A 2/21/2012 Indian Education—Demonstration Grants for Indian Children [OESE]
84.133S 2/13/2012 Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program [NIDRR]
84.133F 2/13/2012 Mary Switzer Research Fellowships [OSERS]
84.060A 2/10/2012 Indian Education Formula Grants to Local Educational Agencies [OESE]
84.047A 1/30/2012 Upward Bound Program [OPE]
84.200A 1/20/2012 Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need [OPE]
84.141A 1/18/2012 High School Equivalency Program [OESE]
84.149A 1/18/2012 College Assistance Migrant Program [OESE]
84.372A 12/15/2011 Statewide Longitudinal Data System Grants [IES]
84.395A Part I
Part II
Race to the Top Fund Phase 3 [ODS]
84.367D 11/7/2011 Supporting Effective Educator Development Grant [OII]
84.018 10/25/2011 Fulbright-Hays Seminars Abroad--Bilateral Projects [OPE]
84.412 10/19/2011 Race to the Top -- Early Learning Challenge [ODS]

CFDA -- Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance
Closing Date -- date by which applications must be postmarked to be accepted for review

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Last Modified: 12/31/2012