RFP ED-99-R-0032
Document Receipt and Control Center


Attachment C, Past Performance Evaluation form, is now available in the SOLICIT.ZIP file below. Also, the web address referenced in Amendment 0004, answer to Question 1 has been corrected.


Amendment 0004 to RFP ED-99-R-0032 was issued on August 20, 1999. The purpose of the Amendment is to respond to questions received from potential offerors. Amendment 0004 (7K), which is available here for download, made no other changes to the solicitation.


Amendment 0003 to RFP ED-99-R-0032 was issued on August 17, 1999. The purpose of the Amendment was to extend the proposal due date to 2PM EST August 27, 1999. Amendment 0003 made no other changes to this solicitation.


Amendment 0002 to RFP ED-99-R-0032 was issued on August 11, 1999. The purpose of the Amendment was to extend the proposal due date, respond to questions from potential offerors and replace the Transition Period portion of Attachment B, "Pricing Schedule". The second revision to Attachment B (Changes Transition Period Only) (17K) , in spreadsheet format, and the text to Amendment 0002 (2K), in ASCII format, are hereby made available for downloading. Offerors must use the revised version of Attachment B when preparing proposals. Proposals are due August 20, 1999 at 2PM E.S.T.


Amendment 0001 to RFP ED-99-R-0032 was issued on July 28, 1999. The purpose of the Amendment was to replace Attachment B, "Pricing Schedule". The revised Attachment B , in spreadsheet format, is hereby made available for downloading (17K). Offerors must use the revised version of Attachment B when preparing proposals. No other changes have been made to this solicitation.

DUE DATE:August 27, 1999, 2:00 PM EST
POC:Ellen Mason, Contract Specialist at (202) 708-8603

This acquisition is being offered for competition limited to eligible 8(a) concerns. The applicable SIC code for these concerns is 8721 -- Accounting, Auditing, and Bookkeeping Services. The U.S. Department of Education, through the Office of Student Financial Assistance Programs, through the Institutional Participation and Oversight Service requires Contractor services to perform various functions of its Document Receipt and Control Center (DRCC). The proposed period of performance is a twelve month contract with four (4) twelve month optional years. Institutions submit applications for participation in the Title IV Student Financial Assistance Programs to become certified to participate. The Higher Education Act requires the annual submission of both audited financial statements and compliance attestation reports be sent to the Department from all institutions that participate in any of the federally funded student financial assistance programs. The Contractor shall solicit, collect, track, and screen all applications, financial statements, and audit reports, and any related correspondence. The Contractor is required to process each institutional document; recertification applications, non-recertification applications/updates to an institution's eligibility, financial statements, and compliance audit reports. The Contractor shall maintain/enhance the Department's existing Lotus Notes tracking system. The Contractor is also required to manage and maintain the Department's filing systems containing current and historical institutional documents.

Requests for copies of the RFP may be made by telephone, mail, telegram, Internet, or in person. All requests shall reference the RFP number (ED-99-R-0032) and title. Telephone requests may be placed by calling 202-708-6498. Mail or telegram requests shall be sent to the following address, U.S. Department of Education/CPO, ATTN: Yolanda Abney, Room 3616, 7th & D Streets, SW, Washington, DC 20202-4443. Internet requests may be sent to Copies of the RFP may be picked up in person on the issuing date at the above address, Room 3616. Issue date is July 20, 1999 and closing date is 2:00PM EST August 27, 1999. The dates listed herein are subject to change.

SOLICIT.ZIP (3.6M) - All files [except those in (Technical Exhibit 6) and (Technical Exhibit 7) also below] needed to prepare a proposal, zipped for easy downloading, including the DRCCSOW.DOC and RFP32.PDF files, links to which are provided below for quick viewing on-line. (64K) - Technical Exhibit 6 files in MS Word 97 format are contained in this zip file. (18K) - Technical Exhibit 7 files in MS Word 97 format are contained in this zip file.

DRCCSOW.DOC (235K) - Statement of Work, Attachment A to the RFP, in MS Word 97 format. Attachments to the SOW are contained in the file.

RFP32.PDF (96K) - Request for Proposal in PDF format - retains exact formatting as hardcopy. (PDF format allows viewing of the RFP electronically on most computers. The Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available free, is required to view and print PDF files.) Proposals are due August 27, 1999 at 2PM EST, not August 18, 1999 as shown on the face page of the RFP available by clicking here.

Contact Gary Weaver at (202) 401-0083 for downloading problems only.

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