RFP ED-98-R-0017
National Postsecondary Student Aid Study (NPSAS 2000)


POC: Contract Specialist Dean Pike, (202) 708-8569.

The purpose of the National Postsecondary student Aid Study: 2000 (NPSAS: 2000) is a comprehensive nationwide study of how students and their families pay for postsecondary education. It includes nationally representative samples of undergraduates, graduates, and first-professional students; students attending less-than-2-year institutions, community colleges, 4-year colleges, and major universities. Students who receive financial aid as well as those who do not receive aid participate in NPSAS. Results of the study are used to help determine federal policy regarding student financial aid. NPSAS has several major components, including a field test data collection in 1999 and the full-scale data collection in 2000. The outcomes of the National Postsecondary Student Aid Study: 2000 (NPSAS: 2000) is to generate the following major products: 1) Restricted-use data files and electronic codebooks containing institution, student data and other administrative records data; 2) NPSAS: 2000 data analysis system to produce tables and correlation matrices, and; 3) Special tabulations and descriptive reports of each major component. Authority for this activity comes under Section 404(a) of the National Education Statistics Act of 1994, Title IV of the Improving Americas Schools Act of 1994, P.L. 103-382. This procurement will take place as a full-and-open competition. Questions about this procurement should be submitted in writing to the Contracting Officer at the following address: U.S. Department of Education, Contracts and Purchasing Operations, ROB-3, Room 3616, MS-4447, Washington, D.C. 2020-4447, Attention: Dean Pike, Contract Specialist. The Department of Education will accept written clarification questions 15 days after the RFP release date; the Department does not guarantee a response to question submitted after this date.

RFP Issue date is June 11, 1998
RFP Closing date is July 13, 1998.

Contact Gary Weaver at 202/401-0083 for downloading problems only.

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