RFP ED-98-R-0009
Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) Clearinghouses

POC Contract Specialist Michelle Ringo, 202-708-8283.

This RFP invites proposals for The Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) system’s 16 Clearinghouses. Under this competition, a separate contract will be issued for each clearinghouse. The ERIC Clearinghouses are responsible for acquiring, processing, synthesizing and disseminating information about a particular aspect of a subject area of education. Each Clearinghouse is assigned a well-defined and unique scope of coverage. Clearinghouses perform six basic tasks: database development; products; user services; outreach and training; system improvements and special projects; and, management. The RFP and Statement of Work are available below for viewing and downloading. Attachments to the RFP are available below for downloading.

RFP issue date: April 22, 1998
RFP closing date: June 15, 1998.

Any firm interested in obtaining U.S. Department of Education Solicitation RFP ED-98-R-0009, please contact: Ms. Yolanda Abney, U.S. Department of Education, Contracts and Purchasing Operations, GSA Building ROB #3, 7th and D Streets SW, Room 3616 #4443, Washington, DC 20202 Phone: (202)708-6498, E-mail: All dates listed herein are subject to change. Contact Gary Weaver at 202/401-0083 for downloading problems only.

README.TXT (1K) - Instructions.

ERICSOW5.TXT (129K) - Statement of Work (ASCII text-- Conversion to ASCII may have changed formatting).

ERICSOW5.WPD (277K) - Statement of Work (WordPerfect 6.0/6.1 format).

PTIVSOW5.TXT (166K) - Statement of Work (ASCII text-- Conversion to ASCII may have changed formatting).

PTIVSOW5.WPD (356K) - Statement of Work (WordPerfect 6.0/6.1 format).

RFP.TXT (231K) - RFP in ASCII text format for on-line viewing only .

ATTACH.ZIP (45K) - Zip files in WordPerfect 6.0/6.1 and Lotus 123 formats .

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