RFP ED-98-R-0006
Cross-cutting Education Data Analysis


POC Contract Specialist Dean Pike, 202-708-8569.

The purpose of this contract is to meet within the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), Data Development and Longitudinal Studies Group (DDLSG), requirements for cross-cutting education data research and analysis and for rapid responses to requests for education program and policy information. Task orders and quick-turnaround work requests will be issued under this contract to acquire services using education data at all levels of schooling from preschool through postsecondary, including vocational and special education programs. They will focus on national education data and issues, with emphasis on data collected in NCES's surveys. These surveys include data on public and private schools, school districts, school staff, students, dropouts, and parents of students. The areas or issues to be addressed with this data include the following: 1) Access to, participation in, and progress through school or alternative education programs; 2) Student achievement and attainment; 3) Instructional curriculum and practices; 4) Economic and other outcomes of education; 5) Size, growth, and output of educational institutions; 6) School climate, quality, and characteristics. Under these task orders and quick turnaround work requests the contractor shall perform the following activities: 1) Plan and conduct research; 2) Develop and test data collection instruments; 3) Obtain information from experts; 4) Obtain and maintain data for secondary analysis; 5) Analyze data and prepare reports. Authority for this activity comes under Section 406(b) of the General Education Provision Act, as amended (20 U.S.C. 122e-1). The RFP and Statement of Work are available below for viewing and downloading. Attachments to the RFP are available below for downloading.

RFP issue date: April 7, 1998
RFP closing date: May 8, 1998.

Any firm interested in obtaining U.S. Department of Education Solicitation RFP ED-98-R-0006, please contact: Ms. Yolanda Abney, U.S. Department of Education, Contracts and Purchasing Operations, GSA Building ROB #3, 7th and D Streets SW, Room 3616 #4443, Washington, DC 20202 Phone: (202)708-6498, E-mail: All dates listed herein are subject to change. Contact Gary Weaver at 202/401-0083 for downloading problems only.

README.TXT (1K) - Instructions.

SOW.TXT (60K) - Statement of Work (ASCII text-- Conversion to ASCII may have changed formatting).

SOW.DOC (125K) - Statement of Work (WordPerfect 6.1 format).

RFP.TXT (245K) - RFP in ASCII text format for on-line viewing only.

ATTACH.ZIP (10K) - Zip files in WordPerfect 6.0/6.1 and ASCII (DOS) Text formats.

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