RFP-97-036 Department of Education Internet Applications Support

New files added as of October 24, 1997: README.TXT, INET31.TXT, RFPQNA.TXT, EXHIBITD.WPD, EXHIBITE.WPD, EXHIBITF.WPD. See list below for access.

The Department of Education's (ED) Office of Educational Research andImprovement (OERI) has a requirement for an eligible 8(a) firm tomaintain the Department's website. The contractor will be responsible forthe following tasks: 1) document preparation; 2) information applicationdevelopment and maintenance; 3) discussion and collaboration applicationdevelopment and maintenance; 4) system evaluation, performance monitoringand continuous improvement; 5) training; 6) technical support; 7) interfaceand coordination; 8) security; and 9) reporting. OERI has served as theDepartment's gateway to the Internet and has been responsible for the INetinfrastructure (equipment and Internet connection) as well as websitecontent and maintenance. Under the contract resulting from this newprocurement, the contractor will have primary responsibility for theinformational content and application software, its configuration, and thedevelopment, implementation and monitoring of policies and procedures forsite management and quality assurance. Operational control of the serversand network communications will be transferred to ED's infrastructuresupport contractor (under ED's Office of the Chief Financial Officer(OCFO) in the summer or fall of 1997 in order to better integrate Internetoperations with ED's LAN, internal e-mail, network management, serveroperations and security scheme. ED's infrastructure support contractorwill have operational responsibility for the computers and infrastructureon which the new contract will be performed. The two contractors will workclosely with each other. Contract duration is 12 months, with four optionperiods of 12 months each. The procurement is open to 8(a) businessconcerns under SIC code 7379.

The Statement of Work is available in ASCII text format. (Conversion to ASCII may have changed formatting, removed footnotes, affected a graphic chart.) To request a hardcopy of this RFP, please call the RFP Request Line on (202) 708-6498. For web or downloading problems ONLY call Sharon Masciana on (202) 708-7665.

README.TXT (2K) - Instructions in ASCII text

INET31.TXT (12K) - Amendment 2 in ASCII format

RFPQNA.TXT (53K) - Attachment A to Amendment 2 in ASCII format

EXHIBITD.WPD (318K) - Revised Exhibit D (Attachment C Amendment 2) in WP6.1 Format

EXHIBITE.WPD (27K) - Revised Exhibit E (Attachment C Amendment 2) in WP6.1 Format

EXHIBITF.WPD(63K) - Exhibit F (Attachment C Amendment 2) in WP6.1 Format

PRICE.XLS (116K) - spreadsheet in EXCEL format

PPFORM.WPD (30K) - Past Performance Form in Wordperfect format

INET30.TXT (7K) - Amendment 1

BIDLIST.TXT (31K) - Bidders List.

97036.TXT (218K) - Solicitation in ASCII text. (Work Statement below.)

SOW.TXT (199K) - Statement of Work (ASCII text-- Conversion to ASCII may have changed formatting).

SOW.WPD(645K) - Statement of Work (Word Perfect 6.1)

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