National Tests in Reading and Mathematics

The U.S. Department of Education is seeking contractual support for the development of the National Test in Reading and the National Test in Mathematics. The tests will provide an annual indication of overall individual student proficiency in reading (grade 4) and math (grade 8) that can be reported to parents and teachers. The first administration of the tests will be in 1999. All test items will be released to the public every year.

The Department has held public meetings on the national voluntary tests. To view the transcripts of meetings and other documents related to the national voluntary tests you are directed to

All files are in Word Perfect 6.1 format. The Statement of Work and Proposal Requirements are available in ASCII text format. (Conversion to ASCII may have changed formatting, removed footnotes, affected a graphic chart. For proposal preparation, use Word Perfect 6.1 version or hardcopy.) If you have any questions, please call Helen Chang, on (202) 708-7940 or via electronic mail to To request a hardcopy of this RFP, please call the RFP Request Line on (202) 708-6498. For web or downloading problems ONLY call Sharon Masciana on (202) 708-7665.)

97012.TXT (319K) - RFP 97-012 (ASCII Text).

SOW.TXT (319K) - Proposal Requirements and Evaluation (ASCII Text).

ADM1.WPD (11K) - Amendment 1 (Word Perfect 6.1).

97012.ZIP (107) - RFP 97-012 (Compressed Files in Word Perfect 6.1 format).

ADM2.WPD (70K) - Amendment 2 (Word Perfect 6.1).

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Last Modified: 10/03/2003