National Clearinghouse of Educational Facilities

The Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI) has a requirement to establish and operate a national clearinghouse on Educational Facilities. This clearinghouse and program shall provide information and technical assistance on issues and practices for more efficient construction practices. The objective of the program is to help decision makers and facility managers reduce the costs of constructing and maintaining their educational facilities. The clearinghouse will use a variety of resources and existing programs to gather and disseminate information on innovative and efficient construction technologies and techniques, indoor environmental quality practices, durability, maintenance costs and energy use, as well as information on how to use energy and maintenance cost savings. This RFP has two attachments, one is listed below and the other one is a microfishe on ERIC Processing Manual which can be obtained by contacting Ms. Anmarie Lippert at 202/708-9774.

97005.TXT (357K) - RFP 97-005 (ASCII Text)

ATTCH1.TXT (9K) - Attachment 1 ASCII Text).

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Last Modified: 10/31/2003