RFP ED-00-R-0036
Evaluation of the Partnership Program of Title II of the Higher Education Act

PROPOSAL DUE DATE:   June 12, 2000 2:00 P.M. E.S.T.
POINT OF CONTACT:   Janet Mata-Hitz, Contract Specialist at (202) 260-0092

The U.S. Department of Education has a requirement for an evaluation to assess the impact, strengths and weaknesses of one of the three Title II programs: the Partnership Grants Program. More specifically, the evaluation will measure the impact of grants in helping colleges of education, colleges of arts and sciences, school districts and other partners to work more closely together in order to improve the content and structure of the professional education offered to prospective teachers. In addition, if ED exercises the optional component of the evaluation outlined at the end of this SOW, the evaluation will also measure the impact of two to three of the most promising pre-service teacher education program models on the knowledge, skills and early instructional practices of newly minted, elementary school teachers from a sample of Partnership programs.

Requests for copies of the RFP may be made by telephone, mail, telegram, Internet, or in person. All requests shall reference the RFP number (ED-00-R-0036) and title. Telephone requests may be placed by calling 202-708-6498. Mail or telegram requests shall be sent to the following address, U.S. Department of Education/CPO, ATTN: Yolanda Abney, Room 3616, 7th & D Streets, SW, Washington, DC 20202-4443. E-mail requests may be sent to Copies of the RFP may be picked up in person on the issuing date at the above address, Room 3616. Issue date is May 12, 2000 and closing date is June 12, 2000 (2:00PM EST). All responsible sources may submit a proposal which will be considered. The dates listed herein are subject to change.

SOLIC36.ZIP (212K) - All files needed to prepare a proposal, zipped for easy downloading, including the RFP in PDF format, which retains exact formatting as the hardcopy RFP, and the Statement of Work in MS Word format. There are 5 separate documents contained in this file. All are in either MS Word or PDF format. Zip utility software is required to extract the 5 files from this zip file before viewing in word processor or other applications. The Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available free, is required to view and print PDF files.

SOW0036.DOC (332K) - Statement of Work in MS Word format for quick viewing.

EPPHEAFILES.ZIP (580K) - All files that were previously made available to the public for comment, zipped for easy downloading. Contains the most recent version of the document entitled "partnership performance report v5r." Also, the Draft Statement of Work has been removed; the final version is available in the SOLIC36.ZIP file. There are 12 documents total. Zip utility software is required to extract the files from this zip file before viewing in word processor or other applications.

Contact Gary Weaver at (202) 401-0083 for downloading problems only.

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