Security Requirements for Contractors Doing Business with the Department of Education
April 2007

Administrative Communications System Handbook

  • Information Assurance Security Policy (OCIO-01) [download files] MS WORD (944K)
  • Information Technology Security Certification and Accreditation Procedures (OCIO-05) [download files] MS WORD (830K)
  • General Support System and Major Application Inventory Procedures (OCIO-09) [download files] MS WORD (856K)
  • Information Technology Security Configuration Management Planning Procedures (OCIO-11) [download files] MS WORD (896K)
  • Information Security Incident Response and Reporting Procedures (OCIO-14) [download files] MS WORD (841K)
  • Protection of Sensitive But Unclassified Information (OCIO-15) [download files] MS WORD (259K)

Administrative Communications System Departmental Directive

  • Personal Use of Government Equipment (OCIO: 1-104) [download files] MS WORD (124K)
  • Lifecycle Management (LCM) Framework (OCIO: 1-106) [download files] PDF (652K)
  • Procuring Electronic and Information Technology (EIT) in Conformance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (OCIO: 3-105) [download files] MS WORD (983K)
  • Contractor Employee Personnel Security Screenings (OM: 5-101) [download files] MS WORD (160K)

IT Security Awareness

  • Department of Education IT Security Awareness Training 2011 [download files] MS WORD (688K)

Privacy Safeguards

ACS Directive(s):
  • External Breach Notification Policy and Plan (OM:6-107) [download files] PDF (496K)

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Last Modified: 04/23/2015