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In the spring of 1998, 18 federal agencies began planning and forming teams of teachers. Their goal: to develop learning activities and units around agency resources, which would be available on the Internet to teachers, parents, and students nationwide.

By December 2000, 10 teams had completed their work. They had involved nearly 350 teachers in creating more than 100 online instructional activities and units.

Our aim was not just to produce new learning resources. We wanted to learn what works (and what does not) when an organization partners with teachers to develop instructional resources.

The purpose of this website is to share the lessons we learned. We undertook this effort so other organizations could benefit from our experience.

If you are thinking about involving teachers in helping your organization develop its intellectual resources into learning treasures for teachers, parents, and students, this website is for you. It is based on successes and setbacks of the 10 teams. It includes tips, a toolkit, and more.

We invite you to use this site to form your own team of dedicated teachers and unleash the learning power of your organization's resources.

About Learn the background story of the Consortium for Education teams.
Ten Tips Use 10 practical tips to work with teachers in building your own online learning activity or unit.
Toolkit Save yourself time. Use forms developed by the teams.
Timeline See the steps in the process. Use them to create your own timeline.
Projects Visit websites created by Consortium for Education teams to get ideas for your own educational activities.
Help Still need help?

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The findings and opinions expressed in this Toolkit do not necessarily reflect the positions or policies of the U.S. Department of Education.