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Mathematics and Science Partnerships - Scientifically Based Research in Mathematics

Student Achievement and School Accountability Conference
October 2002

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Mathematics and Science Partnerships (Title II, Part B)

Authorizes grantees to use funds to:

  1. develop or redesign more rigorous math and science curricula;
  2. provide professional development for teachers designed to improve their subject knowledge;
  3. promote strong teaching skills that include those based on scientific research and technology-based teaching methods;
  4. operate summer workshops or institutes;
  5. recruit math, science, and engineering majors into teaching;
  6. establish distance learning programs;
  7. design programs to prepare teachers to mentor other teachers;
  8. operate programs to bring math and science teachers into contact with working scientists, mathematicians, and engineers;
  9. design programs to identify and develop exemplary math and science teachers in grades K-8; and
  10. develop programs to encourage young women and other underrepresented groups to pursue careers in math, science, engineering, and technology.