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Thirty-Six English Language Scripts
E-Language Learning System

As part of the U.S.-China E-Language Project the Department of Education developed e-language learning scripts that could be used to drive online gaming applications to teach Chinese students English and American culture. The department released the scripts into the public domain in support of those in the field who can gain from this research and development effort in language learning using technology. As with all other public domain content, approval from the Department is not required by anyone to use these materials or create derivative products based on these materials. Please also note that the Department would not be a position to certify, endorse, or approve any learning products that incorporate the scripts or are inspired by the scripts.

The 36 scripts take learners on a simulated journey to the USA to live with an American family and immerse them into a series of true-to-life experiences. Lessons are centered on a challenge or mystery that the learner must solve using newly acquired language skills and that move a student from the beginning to intermediate levels. Each of the 36 episodes introduces phrases, grammar, and vocabulary aligned with the Chinese English as a second language standards. Practice activities, gatekeeping quizzes and a final application and assessment are also characteristics. A team of experts led by the former president (2002-2003) of Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) developed the scripts.

Lesson 1: Title—"The Missing Student"

This is the story about kids on their way to language camp. Different kids will go to different countries. One group is missing a member- how will they find their missing friend?
Download files PDF (512K)

Lesson 2: Title—"This is My Friend."

This is a story about making new friends. The kids in this story don't know each other yet.
Download files PDF (488K)

Lesson 3: Title—"I Need Supplies"

This is a story about helping your teacher get some supplies for all the students. There are many supplies that you will recognize, but you may not know how to ask for them in English!
Download files PDF (440K)

Lesson 4: Title—"The Missing Student"

This is a story about writing letters. All of the students at language camp have received letters from their host families!
Download files PDF (468K)

Lesson 5: Title—"Please Join Our Team"

Time for break! In this episode everyone is getting ready for a little recreation... a basketball game.
Download files PDF (460K)

Lesson 6: Title—"What time is the party"

Camp is almost over! In this episode, you and the students are preparing for a big farewell party.
Download files PDF (512K)

Lesson 7: Title—"I am going to fly"

The students are one their way to the airport to leave for the US.
Download files PDF (452K)

Lesson 8: Title—"What Color is Your Backpack?"

Ping arrives at the Los Angeles airport to meet her new host family.
Download files PDF (436K)

Lesson 9: Title—"Home Sweet Home"

Ping has just arrived at her new home in the U.S. Ella is showing her around the house.
Download files PDF (460K)

Lesson 10: Title—"Welcome to My Restaurant"

The Johnson family is taking Ping out to dinner. The Johnson family owns and runs this restaurant!
Download files PDF (472K)

Lesson 11: Title—"Choose a Class Schedule"

Tomorrow is the first day of school! Ping needs to decide what classes she would like to take.
Download files PDF (488K)

Lesson 12: Title—"Can You Help Me?"

Ping is in a new school with many rooms and buildings and must find her way.
Download files PDF (448K)

Lesson 13: Title—"Getting to Know the Family"

Ping wants to know about the host family.
Download files PDF (540K)

Lesson 14: Title—"Planning for the Weekend"

The family is planning a special weekend and is going to the state park, where there are many fun things to do.
Download files PDF (516K)

Lesson 15: Title—"Making Friends at School"

Lu is at school without his host sister for the first time. His teacher gives him advice on how to meet people.
Download files PDF (528K)

Lesson 16: Title—"What to Wear When it is Cold"

Ping helps Lu figure out what kinds of clothing he needs to buy.
Download files PDF (452K)

Lesson 17: Title—"Giving Directions"

It is the first day of school and Ping is very excited and very nervous. She is usually very afraid of being lost. I'll bet she has that fear today, in a new school with many rooms and buildings.
Download files PDF (420K)

Lesson 18: Title—"Homecoming"

It is Homecoming at Ping's school and Ping's not sure what a Homecoming celebration is about.
Download files PDF (476K)

Lesson 19: Title—"Call 9-1-1"

In this story Lu and Deshawn go on a bike ride. There is an accident and Lu must get help.
Download files PDF (444K)

Lesson 20: Title—"Happy Halloween"

It's Halloween time and everyone goes to the store to buy their costumes for a Halloween party.
Download files PDF (448K)

Lesson 21: Title—"Mr. Johnson's Birthday Party"

The girls and Mrs. Johnson are preparing to surprise Mr. Johnson with a birthday party.
Download files PDF (448K)

Lesson 22: Title—"School Elections"

It's time for the school to elect new student council officers.
Download files PDF (492K)

Lesson 23: Title—"The Music Festival"

Tom Jr. comes home from college for a visit and invites Lu, and Lloyd to a music festival.
Download files PDF (456K)

Lesson 24: Title—"Happy Thanksgiving"

The family is celebrating Thanksgiving and the grandparents have come over to enjoy the feast.
Download files PDF (432K)

Lesson 25: Title—"It's the holiday season in Washington, D.C"

The days are cold and snowy. But the winter concert set needs to be designed.
Download files PDF (480K)

Lesson 26: Title—"The Beach"

It is warm in Los Angeles today. Ping and Ella are going to the beach with a friend. The beach can be very fun, but only if you know all the safety rules.
Download files PDF (504K)

Lesson 27: Title—"The Restaurant"

Mr. Johnson needs help at the restaurant. He has asked Ping to come work for a day.
Download files PDF (584K)

Lesson 28: Title—"The Dentist"

Poor Mrs. Johnson! She has a terrible toothache. What should she do? She needs to go to the dentist right away.
Download files PDF (428K)

Lesson 29: Title—"Conversation with a Teacher"

In this story Ping misunderstands her teacher. She is trying very hard to do her homework but finds her teacher is still upset with her.
Download files PDF (524K)

Lesson 30: Title—"Going Bowling"

Lu is going bowling with Shannon and Lloyd. Lu has never been bowling before. Lloyd and Shannon tell Lu how to bowl and help him find bowling shoes that fit.
Download files PDF (532K)

Lesson 31: Title—"Dinner Guest"

Lloyd and Lu have a great idea. They want to have DeShawn over for dinner. Mrs. Moore thinks it is a good idea too, but first the boys need to prepare.
Download files PDF (488K)

Lesson 32: Title—"Volunteer Fair"

Shannon is going to a Volunteer Fair and asks Lu to go with her. Shannon tells Lu that there are many groups in the United States that are organized to make the country a better place to live. Shannon tells Lu that some people volunteer their time to work with these groups.
Download files PDF (504K)

Lesson 33: Title—"Washington, D.C., Vacation"

It is summer vacation and Ping is coming to visit Lu in Washington, D.C.
Download files PDF (460K)

Lesson 34: Title—"Exploring Washington, D.C."

Lu, Ping, Lloyd, and Deshawn meet in Washington, D.C. and explore the Washington Mall.
Download files PDF (612K)

Lesson 35: Title—"Lost in the Smithsonian"

Ping decides to visit the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.
Download files PDF (516K)

Lesson 36: Title—"Fourth of July"

Ping and Lu are celebrating the biggest national holiday in the U.S., right in Washington, DC. Ping has her digital camera and is taking pictures.
Download files PDF (468K)

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