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Innovations in Education: Connecting Students to Advanced Courses Online
December 2007
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Appendix A
Online Learning Program Implementation Checklist for District or School

Online Learning Program Implementation Checklist

Considerations Person Responsible Date Completed Comments
Conduct a needs survey for online learning with students and parents      
Identify online learning provider that can meet identified needs      
Ensure courses are aligned to local, state, and national standards      
Establish procedures for course payment      
Ensure school can meet the technical requirements for students to access online courses      
Identify and train site coordinators and site-based mentors      
Recruit students, draft and publish contract for online course enrollment and participation      
Prepare student and parent orientation materials and provide orientation meetings      

Note: From Local School System Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation, by Maryland Virtual Learning Opportunities, (n.d.), Baltimore, Md.: Author. Adapted with permission.

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